That counterfeit bag or watch you bought on your trip may get seized at the airport

That counterfeit bag or watch you bought on your trip may get seized at the airport

By News Staff

ATLANTA — Inspectors seize about $25 million worth of counterfeit goods every day nationwide.

Channel 2′s Linda Stoufer visited Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson this past week where Customs and Border Protection officials were warning travelers of bringing counterfeit products back home from trips overseas.

Maybe you found a great deal on a product that looks good, or good enough.

Even if you bought copycat stuff somewhere else, inspectors say it has a dangerous impact.

“Coffee cups to tennis shoes to belts we’re wearing, if it has a brand name it can be counterfeited,” Carlo Cortina, Customs and Border Protection Assistant Port Director said.

This past week, travelers at Hartsfield Jackson got a lesson in fakes in hard-to-spot fakes.

Customs and border protection officers in America seize up to $25 million worth of counterfeit stuff a day.

Border Protection Officers were reminding travelers at Hartsfield-Jackson that if they buy things overseas, and they’re not legitimate… you might loose them.

CBP will inspect that and if they determine it to be counterfeit or infringe on a copyright it will be seized.

Officials said they’re protecting consumers from worthless fakes which are usually made of cheap materials, that could fall apart or be dangerous. and protecting businesses and the American economy.

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It’s not just the trademarks and logos they’re after. Drugs as well can be seized.

Agents also warn buying fake merchandise can mean supporting criminals and trafficking.

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