Petition: Justice for Marshall and Millions

Petition: Justice for Marshall and Millions

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Justice for Marshall and Millions the 2 staffies shot by metropolitan police

Kerry Anne zealey started this petition

2 Staffordshire bill terriers Marshall & Millions were shot in tower hamlets by the metropolitan police in broad daylight with public on lookers as they shot these two dogs.

yes he was banned from keeping dogs but these dogs were clearly very well looked after and there is no evidence to suggest that they were dangerous.
There has been a massive response from the public in relation to the events that occurred and so many people are heartbroken by the treatment of these animals.
I believe there should be an investigation into why these dogs were inhumanely slaughtered.
The national public have been affected by the actions of the officers involved in this incident.
This is not the first time this has happened with peoples beloved pets and us the public want more stringent rules into the way that these situations are handled, I believe this situation could of been handled very differently !

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