Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade arrested for ‘assaulting police officers

Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade arrested for ‘assaulting police officers

By Rohit Upadhyay

IBIZA, SPAIN: Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade was arrested after allegedly assaulting police officers in a restaurant in Ibiza on Wednesday night, May 17, and even spent the night behind bars, local reports said. Jade is set to appear in court on Thursday, May 18, reported the Spanish press. The jewelry designer by profession was said to be with a friend when she reportedly started behaving in an “aggressive and violent” manner in the restaurant.

Jade’s friend had a run-in with the restaurant’s staff, and later started yelling and threatening fellow diners eating inside the facility. A source revealed to Mirror, “Police arrested two people last night, a man and a woman, in Ibiza. Around 9 pm there was a police intervention as a result of a call from a restaurant about a man they said was behaving violently with customers and workers.” The source added, “The man had gone by the time police arrived. People at the restaurant including staff and a manager and a couple of customers told officers he had been aggressive towards them and they had refused to serve him any more drinks and he left.”


“A man in the street then approached the police patrol cars outside and told them there was a man threatening passers-by,” the source said.

Refusing to identify himself’


The source added, “When officers approached him he began to insult them in English with increasing aggressiveness, refusing to identify himself and being very hostile.” The source also shared, “They tried to calm him down several times and he ended up hurling himself at police and assaulting one of them and he had to be arrested.” That’s when Jade Jagger got involved physically too. “That’s when a woman appeared who was very aggressive and hurled herself at a police officer, pushing him and insulting him,” the source said.

‘Pushing and punching the officer’

Police managed to calm her down and then call an ambulance for the man who was very aggressive and in a bad way; but he attacked health professionals and police again when the ambulance arrived. “At that moment the woman entered the scene again, squaring up to an officer before pushing and punching that officer. She was then also arrested,” said the source



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