Cold case team claims FBI identified Zodiac Killer as Air Force veteran who died in 2018

Cold case team claims FBI identified Zodiac Killer as Air Force veteran who died in 2018

By Sumanti Sen

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA: A cold case investigator has claimed that the FBI has identified the man believed to be the notorious Zodiac Killer. According to journalist Thomas Colbert, an FBI whistleblower confirmed to him that Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste is currently listed as a suspect. Colbert claimed FBI labs have a “partial” DNA sample on Poste, who died in 2018, that links him to the killings.

Colbert’s organization, Case Breakers, said in a statement that Poste has been secretly listed as the Zodiac “suspect” in the FBI headquarters’ computers since 2016. The FBI, for years, has been denying that the case has been solved. As recently as 2021, it said the case is still open.

Case Breakers announced on Wednesday, May 17, that they think they have evidence that suggests Poste can be tied to six murders. The organization believes that the FBI has ignored the evidence for a long time and alleged that state laws mishandled the case.

As a nation, we’ve abandoned them’

“Like cops, federal agents are dealing with huge caseloads, constant training, odd rules and bureaucracy,” the FBI whistleblower allegedly told Colbert, according to Daily Mail. “But when someone wearing a badge or uniform works with others to avoid or hide materials, sidestep difficult procedures, or lie about evidence, they’re hurting our volunteers and the thousands of families waiting for answers.”

The FBI’s San Francisco Office told Fox News that the case remained “open and unsolved.” They provided no other comment and cited “respect for the victims and their families.”

As a nation, we’ve abandoned them – especially the remaining 10 brothers and sisters,” Colbert said of law enforcement’s handling of the case, calling it a “coverup.” He said it was “nonsensical for the people that are still waiting.”

The group has claimed that Poste had given away weapons and bullets before his death, leading to the killer’s true identity. “When The Case Breakers approached officials about a new Zodiac suspect last spring, five police and state agencies would not cooperate,” the group said.

“But last week, the man who runs the 10-year cold case team, Thomas J Colbert, received a tip from his long-time sources in the remote town of deceased Gary Francis Poste: They had verified the existence of an evidentiary goldmine,” it added.

“Old associates of the housepainter/alleged serial killer claim that, a few years prior to Poste’s 2018 death at 80, he had quietly given away his weapons, pistol parts, gunpowder, bullets and shell casings – more than a thousand, involving 25 different calibers – to his favorite locals,” they added. “And most of these peculiar ‘gifts’ have remained in basements and closets, untouched, ever since.”

Colbert said, “My FBI guys say it’s irrefutable. It’s a match,’ Colbert told Fox News back in 2021. We also have six people that he’s confessed to that he was the Zodiac. Three of them on our court affidavits. So we strongly feel that. And then of course the murder scenes in Riverside, we have counted six similarities at the murder scene.”

The killer allegedly fatally stabbed and shot to death five people in Northern California in 1968 and 1969. He is known for having sent taunting letters and cryptograms to newspapers and police, some of which included astrological symbols and references.

‘I hope he enjoys eternal hell’

Social media years reacted to the news, with one user commenting on Facebook, “Well, doesn’t that just make us Air Force family proud! Geez”. “I HOPE HE ENJOYS ETERNAL HELL!! NO ONE GETS AWAY, IF THEY’RE EVIL HELL WAITS FOR THEM,” another said. “The FBI is corrupt to the core,” one user said. “Wow, an air force veteran,” one user exclaimed, while another said, “Nothing can hide forever”.

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