AITA for not being upset that my friends dog could die because of me?

AITA for not being upset that my friends dog could die because of me?

I was hosting a big garden party at the weekend. I invited my entire friend group plus their partners, one of my friend takes her dog everywhere. I told her no pets were allowed. Although it was a garden party we were in and out of my home and I have 4 cats. My cats do not like dogs and neither do I.

Anyway my friend showed up with her dog, I told her that her dog was not welcome in my home or garden. And asked her to please take her dog home or elsewhere.

I thought my friend left. I went inside to sort some things out. I went into my garden about 15 minutes later and my friend was standing there in my garden talking to our friends. She doesn’t live that close so I was confused.

I went to ask her how she got back so quickly, she told me she just popped in and was going since her dog isn’t welcome. I asked her where her dog is and she shrugged her shoulders and said he was around.

I went looking and found him at the bottom of the garden eating my crops and making a mess. I was angry and told my friend to get her dog off my property.

A few hours later she called me asking me what her dog ate, I had no clue. My gardener plants and attends everything, I told her I didn’t know, but told her he’d made a huge mess, dug things up and clearly eaten things.

She shouted at me that her dog is sick and that I need to find out what the dog ate. I told her I had no idea, but I’d text my gardener to ask, but it was really her problem.

I did send the text, but my gardener didn’t answer. My friend called again wanting to know what her dog ate, but I told her I still didn’t know. She told me I obviously don’t care if her dog dies and called me an AH.

I still don’t know what her dog ate, but apparently he is very sick and might die. I feel bad, but I told her not to bring her dog on my property so I don’t feel responsible like she says I am.


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