Starbucks Fires Trans Barista for Screaming at Customer Who Misgendered Him

Starbucks Fires Trans Barista for Screaming at Customer Who Misgendered Him


Why is misgendering a crime? Looking at this person, I can’t tell if they’re pretending to be a man or a woman. But even if one can determine the gender of an individual on sight, why is it such a big deal if they get it wrong? Why not simply smile and tell the person who is misgendering you that they got it wrong, I’m actually he/she/they or whatever?

If someone treated me with enough respect to politely correct my error, I would apologize and that would be the end of it without any unpleasantness.

Not so this barista at a UK Starbucks. Not only did he/she scream at a customer for “misgendering” him/her, he/she then attacked a man who was recording the whole thing on his phone.


Starbucks released a statement to Fox News Digital: “The licensee has confirmed that the partner (employee) no longer works at the company. Starbucks has no tolerance for behavior of this kind and we are very sorry for the experience that this customer had.”

Like racialists calling people who displease them or disagree with them “racists,” this individual kept calling the customer who allegedly misgendered him/her a “transphobe.”

Washington Examiner:

The incident occurred on April 30 at a Starbucks in the United Kingdom when the employee, a biological male who identifies as a trans woman, began to argue with a female customer, according to a report.

Part of the encounter was filmed and posted to social media.

“Don’t ever call me transphobic!” the customer said in the footage. “Ever! You do not know me!”

“You’re calling me a man,” the employee replied after stepping out from behind the counter. “You’re being transphobic, Karen — now get out.”

“Karen” is a popular derogatory social media term to insult women, and the comment appeared to escalate the situation.

“Now get out,” the employee repeated while continuing to chide the customer as transphobic and clapping in her face.

Local police in Southampton, UK, issued a statement saying they were investigating: “We received a report of an assault at Starbucks in Beresford House, Town Quay in Southampton on Sunday 30 April.” The statement continued, “It is alleged that a staff member became verbally abusive towards a customer within the premises, before assaulting a member of the public who was filming the incident.”

By any stretch of the imagination, this is unhinged behavior. Everyone is entitled to respect; no one is entitled to lash out with the kind of verbal assault this individual made on a woman who may or may not have erred in misgendering him/her.

She made a mistake. Ask her to apologize and get on with your life. That it’s a miserable life is apparent from your hysterical sensitivity to minor slights.

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