University of Georgia Bulldogs football team declines White House visit

Both the universities of Alabama and Georgia were not extended invitations when they won the national titles in 2020 and 2021, respectively, due to Covid pandemic protocols. In response, Georgia’s political leaders issued a bipartisan resolution requesting the White House to invite the Bulldogs in 2023, feeling that the team had been snubbed previously. The White House responded and wrote, “The President looks forward to welcoming the Georgia Bulldogs to the White House.” Unfortunately, the negotiations between the Biden Administration and Georgia regarding potential dates did not yield an agreement, resulting in the cancellation of the visit.

U.S. President Joe Biden holds a meeting with his science and technology advisors at the White House on April 04, 2023 in Washington, DC. Biden met with the group to discuss the advancement of American science, technology, and innovation, including artificial intelligence.

In contrast, the winners of the NCAA basketball tournaments, the LSU women’s basketball team, and the UConn men’s basketball team have been invited to a separate ceremony scheduled for May 26. The aftermath of the national title win has not been without challenges for some members of Georgia’s football team. Jalen Carter, a star defensive lineman, was involved in a street race that resulted in the deaths of teammate Devin Willock and UGA football staffer Chandler LeCroy. Carter turned himself in to the Athens, Georgia, police in connection with the incident.

Additionally, quarterback Stetson Bennett faced legal issues as he was found publicly intoxicated in Dallas. Despite these challenges, both players were selected in the NFL Draft, with Carter being chosen ninth overall by the Philadelphia Eagles and Bennett being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the fourth round.

‘That’s really sad!’

Internet users were not thrilled by Georgia Bulldogs declining the White House invitation. One user tweeted, “I hate how WH visits for sports champions are now seen as political referendums one way or the other smh.” Another added, “Right? Regardless of who is in office, that invitation is an honor. Classless to refuse it.”

A third claimed, “Really really sticking it to Trump now aren’t they.” A fourth tweeted, “Their loss.” “That’s really sad. Sports never divides us,” read a tweet.