Texas woman allegedly ties son to side of car and drags him along as punishment

Texas woman allegedly ties son to side of car and drags him along as punishment

By Simran Agarwal

WICHITA COUNTY, TEXAS: Texas resident Marion Louise Stade has been accused of dragging her son by his seat belt and tying him up as punishment after he insulted her and refused to apologize. The boy’s age is unknown, but the video shows his mother Stade, 61, tying him to the car’s side before making him run next to it.

The alleged abuse was reportedly noted by an unidentified individual while they were traveling along State Highway 94, who promptly informed the authorities, according to DailyMail. Stade initially denied what happened when a deputy pulled her over. Stade explained to the officer that she and her son got into a “verbal altercation” after he insulted her, and she was “waiting on the child to apologize.” She claimed in the affidavit that she had to exert some kind of control over her son because he would not get off the road. The boy was then instructed to apologize by the deputy, who then gave them clearance to leave. However, after seeing the witness’s recordings, the department’s sheriff ordered the policeman to pull Stade over once again, according to Yahoo.

Who is Marion Luise Stade?
Stade had just been arrested after she was discovered tying up her son and dragging him down a highway as punishment for refusing to say sorry for offending her. She has worked as a teacher at Southern Plains Schooling for the past 27 years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Stade wrote on her LinkedIn page, “My objectives in the world of working is to earn a living to support my family and give to those in need. My abilities of kindness and logical evaluation of a project helps me interact with others.” She even works at Pet Camp Wichita Falls and Helpful Hands, a company that assists in caring for the elderly, in addition to teaching.


What was the charge against Marion Luise Stade?

Stade was arrested by Wichita County deputies after the event on Tuesday, May 2 based on an Archer County arrest warrant and charged with child endangering. The following day, she was released on a $100,000 bond, according to KFDX.



Police reports claimed that Stade can be seen on the video slamming on the breaks and then immediately stepping on the gas once more, according to DailyMail. Officials with the sheriff’s department said that the youngster can be seen attempting to hold on to the car and lift his feet off the ground to prevent falling and being dragged, according to KFDX.


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