PSYOP-MUSK Welcomes WEF “Penetrator” Puppet Linda Yaccarino as the New CEO of Twitter

PSYOP-MUSK Welcomes WEF “Penetrator” Puppet Linda Yaccarino as the New CEO of Twitter


This Substack’s bold prediction that Tucker Carlson will partner with Elon Musk on a new news show is now official. In the below official Twitter announcement, Tucker Carlson confuses a Democracy with our Constitutional Republic by misrepresenting the 1st Amendment as a feature of the former (which is not what America actually is), instead of the latter …

This Substack has also framed Elon Musk as a Deep State creation and fraudster:

REPOST: PSYOP-MUSK and the X “Everything App”

REPOST: PSYOP-MUSK and the X "Everything App"

Now that Elon Musk has folded Twitter into the “X Corp” it is time to revisit this substack’s earlier article predicting this Deep State con inevitability. Tweets as of this posting no longer embed into Substack, so here is a screenshot that is linked to the fraudster’s announcement:

REPOST: Elon Musk Officially Takes Over Twitter in the Latest “Genius” Con

REPOST: Elon Musk Officially Takes Over Twitter in the Latest "Genius" Con

When CIA/DARPA creation Elon Musk used taxpayer money that he laundered via selling overvalued Tesla shares in order to “purchase” Twitter, this Substack was warning that the social media platform was nothing more than a limited hangout. Now that PSYOP-MUSK = The Deep State has revealed his true hand by attacking Substack, it is the perfect time to rev…

Who is Elon Musk?

Who is Elon Musk?

Without getting into the fraud that is Tesla and the fact that each car is a net loss without some kind of ZEV credit, carbon credit and taxpayer theft government handout, and that each car over its lifetime produces far more CO2 (a good thing) and far more pollution (a bad thing) than any ICE vehicle, not to mention all the blatant accounting fraud, or…

Etc. & etc. & etc.

Today we have a Tweet from PSYOP-MUSK announcing his new Twitter/X CEO Linda Yaccarino, and it is a doozy to say the least:

“Free speech absolutist” fraudster Elon Musk still does not allow Twitter links in Substack, so please click the image to interact with his Tweet.

A little background on this WEF “penetrator” puppet in a few screen caps:

And what was Linda Yaccarino’s position on PSYOP-19, MK Ultra masking, lockdowns and the DEATHVAX™ you might ask?

This is precisely why PSYOP-MUSK is playing both sides, while leaning toward the “free speech absolutist” bullshit to rope in the naïve conservatives, and ultimately dupe both sides:

PSYOP-MUSK of course also started making ventilators to murder people in hospitals during the early stages of the WEF, UN, WHO, CRF, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, Rockefeller and Gates foundations eugenics and control operation known as PSYOP-19, was shilling the slow kill bioweapon injections as soon as they were deployed, and also admitted to subjecting himself to these mRNA poisons:

Was Elon PSYOP-MUSK Involved in PSYOP-19 & the DEATHVAX™?

OCTOBER 31, 2022
Was Elon PSYOP-MUSK Involved in PSYOP-19 & the DEATHVAX™?

This substack has since the recent Twitter “acquisition” been busily exposing the fraudster and “world’s richest man” Elon PSYOP-MUSK. From the above articles we know that PSYOP-MUSK is perfectly aligned with the WEF and UN agendas. Did PSYOP-MUSK not only just supported PSYOP-19 and the associated DEATHVAX™, or was he also actively involved in its roll…

Richest guy in the world clearly isn’t the smartest or even 2nd smartest guy in the world; not by a long shot if he really did take these genetically modifying injections.

Or is PSYOP-MUSK like all good psyops just dangling the requisite limited hangout half-truths to obfuscate the true intentions of this global takeover?

Twitter will be a critical disinfo/misinfo node in the X Everything App social credit score ecosystem, just as this Substack had predicted the very day PSYOP-MUSK “took over” the limited hangout social media platform. And all of his other CIA-funded ventures from Space-X, which is launching myriad 5G satellites throughout space to beam down all over the earth to his soon to be primetime NeuraLink brain implant scheme that will leverage and port his AI tech into the posthuman slaves’ cerebral cortexes. And if there is ever even a trace of a thought crime that goes against the State that PSYOP-MUSK works for, then his shitbox Tesla car will drive the “own nothing and be happy” slave straight to the reeducation camp.

It is difficult to believe that any reader of this Substack would require an iota of additional proof that Elon Musk is not who he presents himself to be, and that he is anything but on our side.

PSYOP-MUSK is the perfect WEF agent accelerating their Great Reset technocratic hell on earth agenda. And his new Twitter/X CEO is the perfect wingwoman to help usher in this One World Government dystopia.


Do NOT comply.

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