Thanks for Nothing


My husband is the best, except for a few small things. One thing he does that drives me crazy is that, whenever I ask him to do something for me, he responds with a heavy sigh or roll of the eyes as if he is extremely put-out, before he agrees to do it. I swear I am not being unreasonable in my requests, although I have needed more help than usual lately since I’ve been sick a lot with my pregnancy. He tells me that I should just ignore it, because he does generally do the favor for me, and he doesn’t always mind as much as he looks like he minds. He acts like the reaction is practically involuntary. But I can’t help the fact that it gets to me sometimes—I wish he would just do these things without making me feel like a nag all the time. Worse, it makes me feel like he’s my teenage son or something. But I don’t want to police his facial expressions either. Any advice?

 -Heavy Sighs

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