Pushy passenger’s crude face-off with females goes viral: ‘I’ll kiss your t-ts’

Pushy passenger’s crude face-off with females goes viral: ‘I’ll kiss your t-ts’


He finally got his way.

A pushy plane passenger is going viral for an over-the-top crude confrontation with several female flyers, telling one he’d “kiss [her] tits” — and goading everyone to get him online infamy.

Footage seen more than 3.7 million times by Wednesday starts with the gaudily dressed passenger pushing past passengers waiting to get off a flight that had just landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Wednesday last week, according to the woman who filmed it.

“I understand that we all are waiting, but that’s not how I work — I make the rules as I go,” the smiling braggart in a gold-colored Kors jacket tells women waiting around him.

“And guess what, I’m breaking ’em right now,” he says with a giant smile — bumping the woman in front of him into a seat as he pushes past her and another woman left open-mouthed in shock.

As others shout out that they’ve “got a hostile” passenger, he quickly starts making threats.

Screenshot from the now-viral video.
“I make the rules as I go,” the gaudily dressed passenger ranted.
Viral Hog

“Don’t be rude to me, because one thing I can do is be rude back to you, is what I can be,” he says from behind large sunglasses.

“I didn’t push no-damn-body!” he yells of the caught-on-camera hostility that he instead blames on the woman “wanting to stand in the way like you’re a bodyguard.”

Screenshot from the now-viral video.
The passenger denied pushing others despite it being caught clearly on camera.
Viral Hog

“Have a great day! I love you,” he then says, blowing loud kisses.

“And I kiss it more and more and more — and I’ll kiss your tits too, babe,” he says.

Just “don’t tell me to kiss your ass,” he threatens, saying “it’s not worth it.”

“Because guess what: You think I look pretty, but the ghetto can come out of me, darling,” he warns, seemingly taking great joy in one of the offended women telling him, “I can see that.”

Screenshot from the now-viral video.
The man, dressed in a gold puffy jacket, alternated between threats and mock displays of exaggerated affection.
Viral Hog

He does eventually blame one of the women he knocked into, while offering to buy the group “drink and lunch” when they got off the flight from Charlotte, N.C., despite carrying a plastic bag seemingly full of takeout leftovers.

He takes yet more joy when one of the flight’s crew announces over the public address that they are “going to deplane in a very civilized, polite manner.”

After a series of exaggerated laughs, he then turns his attention to the passenger filming his tantrum, waving and blowing kisses.

Screenshot from the now-viral video.
The unidentified passenger also turned his attention on the woman filming him.
Viral Hog

“Make sure to follow on Instagram!” he says, while also trying to plug a business, saying, “Don’t forget to shop my brand.”

“Hello! And don’t forget to put me on Instagram, Facebook — I’m all there,” he says with apparent glee.

Told he “wasn’t worth it,” the unidentified passenger snaps: “I’m an African American, darling — I’m always worth it.”

Clips from the now-viral video.
He told one woman: “You think I look pretty, but the ghetto can come out of me, darling.”
Viral Hog

“I’m urban — I’m everything you don’t want me to be,” he claims, sticking a middle finger up and telling the woman recording him: “F–k you and your camera, darling.”

He again makes an exaggerated offer of dinner or drinks, with the woman he initially barged past telling him: “I don’t want s–t from you.”

He finally gets some agreement when he says, “I’m such an asshole, right?”

He whips out his own phone, seemingly not noticing how those ahead had finally got off the plane — and accusing one woman of “assaulting” him for tapping him on the shoulder.

Pushy passenger recording his own video.
He started recording his own video before leaving to a shot of “What an idiot!”
Viral Hog

He films himself finally walking off the jet — and telling one of the women: “You need to go to hell. I’ll make sure I save a spot for ya!”

The nearly 5-minute clip ends with another man shouting after he leaves: “What an idiot!”

The passenger was not identified — with the clip deleting the part where he read out his online handles — and could not be reached. American Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

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