Orange County hotel posts welcome signs ahead of NYC migrant arrival

Orange County hotel posts welcome signs ahead of NYC migrant arrival


.Some 60 miles north of New York City, the Orange County hotel where Mayor Eric Adams is expected to ship a busload of migrants was spotted hanging up welcome signs Wednesday — even after the county’s top pol declared a state of emergency to try and thwart the plan.

Employees at the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh started pinning up the printed posters that said “welcome” in multiple languages Wednesday afternoon as they awaited the arrival of asylum seekers from the Big Apple.

They were later torn down when employees noticed The Post snapping pictures of them.

Multiple local sheriff’s vehicles were also stationed in the hotel’s parking lot through Wednesday after City Hall revealed the Adams administration was forging ahead with plans to house asylum seekers there — despite the fierce backlash from local officials.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the asylum seekers were expected to arrive.

Confused hotel employees said they were none the wiser after Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus issued an emergency declaration earlier this week that prohibits hotels, motels and other short-term rentals from accepting any migrants.

“We’ve got people telling us they’re coming and we’ve got other people telling us that they can’t stay here, so, we don’t know what we’re doing,” an employee told The Post.

Posters that say "welcome" in multiple languages are outside the Crossroad Hotel in Newburgh, New York
Posters that said “welcome” in multiple languages were put up outside the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh Wednesday afternoon as staffers awaited the arrival of asylum seekers from the Big Apple.
Daniel William McKnight

“Yeah, I don’t really know what the plan is… we’re just going to keep smiling and at everyone who comes and just deal with the situation as it develops.

“Hey, what can I say ‘it’s not my monkeys, not my circus’.”

Neuhaus, who had earlier raged that the asylum seeker saga was like the “Wild West”, said Adams had contacted him last Friday to inform him of the Big Apple’s plan to house 60 migrants at the local hotel to shift the burden away from the city.

He said he ordered the emergency declaration after learning the city planned to put the migrants up at the hotel for four months.

Man posting a sign that says "welcome" in multiple languages outside the Crossroads Hotel
Hotel staffers were later seen removed the posters after they noticed The Post snapping pictures of them.
Daniel William McKnight

A current guest at the hotel, identified only as Tom, said the property was already fully equipped to cater for the asylum seekers.

“I’ve become good friends with the chef the lady who runs the kitchen here and she said that they are all stocked up now they’ve hired a whole new staff to cook for these people that are coming in,” Tom said, adding he’s been at the hotel for two months awaiting a senior living spot to open nearby.

“They’ve loaded up all the freezers and stuff so they’re ready for them.

“I wish I could get some of that food. I’m not getting any free meals and I can barely afford this it’s draining my savings so I really wish I could get the food that they’re going to be eating.”

File photo of migrants on a bus with a sign that says "I LOVE NY"
It wasn’t immediately clear when the migrants were supposed to arrive in Orange County.
Robert Mecea

Meanwhile, nearby residents raged about the impending arrivals on Wednesday.

“I’m concerned about safety. I’m not happy. It’s a disgrace. It’s so frightening,” said Rose, 83, who lives behind the hotel. “I’d like to see them blocked from living here. I’ve been thinking that since I found out three days ago. These guys have no plan. Just come here and float around?”

Bonnie Orzechowski, who lives down the road from the hotel, said she was “so p–sed” she couldn’t even think straight.

“Why are they bringing 60 illegal immigrants to this hotel?” she vented.

“I live 7/10 of a mile down this road, I’m terrified. I’ve never had to lock my doors my whole life living here since I’ve been here. Now I got to lock my doors got to lock my car lock my doors lock my windows draw my curtains because I don’t know who these pity people are.”

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