Virginia utility company shows Biden’s green agenda won’t work

Virginia utility company shows Biden’s green agenda won’t work

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While President Joe Biden’s administration continues its push to transition the country away from coal, oil, and gas, a Virginia utility company shows that the president is chasing windmills when it comes to his green energy dreams.

Dominion Energy’s 2023 planning document provided to Virginia and North Carolina officials shows that the company is not going all in on solar and wind quite yet — in fact, it plans to increase its nuclear and natural gas capability for the long term. The document covers the company’s plans for the next 15 to 25 years.

“To maintain a readily available, reliable fuel source for this critical station and potentially others, the Company is proposing to add storage capabilities for [liquified natural gas],” the company wrote in its planning document. “This stored LNG will provide a reliable backup fuel supply to keep gas flowing in the event of a natural disaster, extreme weather, or other fuel supply disruptions or constraints.”

The company also wants to increase its use of nuclear power through small modular reactors. “As a carbon-free complement to renewable energy generation, nuclear generation provides a reliable and clean source of energy,” the document reads. “Nuclear power thus remains a fundamental component of the clean energy transition to net zero emissions and a necessary resource to maintain reliability and affordability.”

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