Mexico’s president should spare us his anger over DeSantis’ ‘immoral’ anti-immigration law

Mexico’s president should spare us his anger over DeSantis’ ‘immoral’ anti-immigration law

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Elvia Díaz, Arizona Republic

Mexico’s president has no shame calling out Florida’s anti-immigrant law “immoral” when he’s doing the same — or worse — to asylum seekers south of the U.S. border.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador — or AMLO, as the president is known — blasted Florida’s legislation to relocate migrants to Democratic strongholds, similar to a previous stunt in the posh Martha’s Vineyard.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who’s eying a presidential run, is likely to sign legislation setting aside $12 million to transport migrants to the island to make a political point against the Democrats.

The legislation also cracks down on undocumented migrants in the state.

Mexico president Andrés Manuel López Obrador should look at his own actions first
“Why does DeSantis have to take advantage of people’s pain, of migrants’ pain, of people’s need for political gain?” López Obrador said during a press briefing and subsequently was widely reported. “This is immoral. This is politicking.”

The Mexican president should look at his actions first before lashing out at his counterparts.

He has agreed to take asylum seekers expelled from the U.S. and has long cracked down on immigrants trying to reach the U.S. border.

Mexico will continue to do so after the pandemic-related health emergency known as Title 42 ends on May 11.

Mexico is no heaven for asylum seekers.

Title 42 is ending: Biden wants us to believe the border is prepared for end of Title 42. Anyone buying that?

Migrant center fire: At least 39 have died in migrant center fire. Blame extreme US, Mexico border policies.

A month ago 40 of them died in a fire at a federal facility in Ciudad Juarez, just across from El Paso, Texas — the most horrific example of how things are playing out south of the border.

And now AMLO is crying foul over Texas and Florida’s “politicking” with migrants’ pain?

Spare us the sermon!

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