Who is Ronald Antinore?

On Facebook, the father, Antinore 53, who goes by the name, Ron Ratcatcher, identifies himself as a “TV/Web Host/Director/Producer, Pro Wrestling Manager, Entrepreneur, Craft Beer Lover, and Traveler.” His social media profile states that he owns F&B Serve, Auditing and Consulting Service, and is the manager and flag bearer for LVR BOY Matt Riviera.

A criminal complaint reportedly claims that the two spent several hours a day drinking before going up to Antinore’s room to consume LSD. The woman was allegedly forced to have intercourse with Antinore on the bed against her will, and as the drugs took effect, she was unable to physically resist. The daughter left the hotel room as the drugs started to wear off, and contacted her boyfriend right away, who then phoned the hotel. A private security guard was dispatched to Antinore’s room. He is then claimed to have become scared and exited the building. A criminal complaint states that police could arrest the 53-year-old on May 1. They accused him of abusing the woman following an investigation, Mirror reported.

What are the charges against Ronald Antinore?

The complaint says Antinore allegedly made incriminating statements about himself after being read his Miranda rights. The father faces charges of felony sexual battery and felony incest. He is also charged with a misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia possession. Antinore is now being held on bonds worth $302,150. He has pled not guilty to all counts and has been ordered not to contact his daughter. It’s unclear why Antinore wasn’t arrested sooner despite the alleged attack taking place almost two years prior.