WIBTA for reporting my neighbor’s Wheelchair Ramp to the city

WIBTA for reporting my neighbor’s Wheelchair Ramp to the city

I own a home with a shared side yard. I am assuming the property line is somewhere in the middle of this small shared area-my deed does not specify. There is no fence, we share a gate.

The neighbors are a very nice older couple. The wife recently had a stroke. I felt awful, donated to their go fund me, gave them free wood, and generally offered support to both the wife and the husband. I want them to have a ramp and/or lift so she can get out of her house and go to her appointments.

I came home one day, and there is a large ramp in the side yard. This was not discussed with me and last I knew it was going on the opposite side of their house or in the front. It is so close to my back stairs that I cannot access my backyard from that entryway. The only gate I have is the one we share. I can no longer move anything from my shed to the front yard. More concerning is that the ramp is potentially on my property, and is confirmed by the neighbors to be un-permitted. It comes from their second story and is very steep. To me it seems like a liability if she were to fall off or the ramp were to fail, as it is so close or potentially on my property.

I would feel badly contacting the city, so I have refrained from doing so thus far. I should add that they have very little money. However-not discussing with me that one of my doors would be completely blocked seems entirely wrong.

They offered to build me new stairs facing the other direction, but then I cannot access the front gate and still will not be able to move things in or out of my shed to the front.

WIBTA for calling and reporting this structure to the city, considering their situation?


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