Model has bottled her ‘sexy’ body odor to sell as a perfume

Model has bottled her ‘sexy’ body odor to sell as a perfume

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A model named Wanessa Moura would get lots of compliments on her natural body odor so she decided to bottle it up and sell it as fragrance!

Moura claims that her ex’s and current boyfriend have described her sweat as “sexy and exciting.” So Moura decided to use it as base for her perfume called “Fresh Goddess.”

I bottled my sweat as perfume — men say my body odor is 'sexy and exciting'

Each bottle of her fragrance contains 8ml of her actual sweat in it. They hope that it will act as a “natural aphrodisiac.” In addition to her natural fragrance the perfume will also contain fruity notes of mandarin orange, bergamot and pink pepper.

Men love my body odour so I made a perfume using my own sweat – it smells  sexy' - Mirror Online


10 Most Unusual Smells People Love

Have you ever tried a fragrance and thought to yourself, “Wow, this smells awful?” Then you wonder why and how anyone would ever enjoy that smell. Just like our sense of taste, smells are based on preference. For example, your friend may like the smell of corpse flowers (the worst-smelling flower in the world) and burnt hair while you like the smell of roses and bonfires. 

“Most people assume we all like the smell of roses and hate the smell of skunk… with the exception of irritating odors, smell is something we come to know from personal and cultural experiences.” noted lead researcher Rachel Herz, PhD, in a 2005 Brown University study.

Alan R Hirsch, the founder and neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, explained to NPR that “the factors that influence our sense of smell are actually a combination of cultural, genetic, and environmental factors.”

There are certain smells that almost everyone loves. From the new car smell (which may not be good for you) and freshly baked bread to Sharpies and gasoline. People enjoy a variety of aromas and find some more pleasant than others. The scents we smell can change our moods and emotions. Sometimes, it can even bring us back to long-forgotten events and memories.

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