My friend’s dog humps everything in sight

My friend’s dog humps everything in sight


DEAR ABBY: We are a group of neighbors with the same breed of dog, and we walk together every Saturday morning. All our dogs are well-behaved, except for one — a young, unneutered male that is very active and humps anything that moves. Its owners are against neutering. This dog especially goes after our spayed female dog, who tries to resist him, to no avail. We often must intervene.

The owners try to curb his behavior, but are not consistent enough that it sticks. On top of that, when they go away they expect one of the families in the group to provide free dog-sitting, and are rarely available to reciprocate. The couple generally are nice, but just have poor dog manners. So far, we dog-sit for them sparingly because of this issue. What else can we do? — DOGGONE TIRED OF IT

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