‘It’s a Republican issue’: The View conservatives blame GOP lawmakers for mass shootings

‘It’s a Republican issue’: The View conservatives blame GOP lawmakers for mass shootings

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by Travis Gettys

Two conservative co-hosts on “The View” assigned blame for the wave of mass shootings on Republican elected officials.

A gunman killed eight people and wounded seven others Saturday in Allen, Texas, and co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said it was long past time for Congress to enact meaningful gun safety legislation.

“I want to make something unequivocally clear,” Griffin said. “There is a disconnect between what the American public wants to see on gun safety and what elected officials in Washington and states want to see. This is a Fox News poll, not a liberal outlet — a Fox News poll, 87 percent of Americans support background checks for guns, 81 percent support raising the minimum age to get a buy a firearm to 21, 80 percent support red flag laws [and] mental health checks to buy a gun, 77 percent a thirty-day waiting period.

“The list goes on. I’m a legal gun owner, my husband is, most of my friends are legal gun owners, and all of us are horrified when guns get into the hands of people wishing to commit crimes and we want to do more.”

“I would be willing to jump through more hoops to be able to legally own a gun, to stop having kids and innocent people be massacred,” Griffin continued. “D.C. is disconnected from it, Republicans in D.C. are disconnected from it, and they’ve got to act.”

Co-host Ana Navarro agreed, saying only one side was to blame for the problem.

“That’s right, I’m glad you qualified it at the end, because it’s a Republican issue,” Navarro said. “It’s frankly not elected officials because most Democrats want what I want, which is a ban on assault rifles, and I want it right now”


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