Identify them: Disturbing video shows group of people torturing animal then killing it

Identify them: Disturbing video shows group of people torturing animal then killing it

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The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

NEW YORK, NY- Look, we have no idea where the below video actually took place.

It is reported that it took place in New York City. Clearly this does not represent the vast majority of African Americans in the country.

It does not represent the vast majority of people who are out on a daily basis conducting protests. Nonetheless, it paints a very disturbing picture of where we are as a country in 2020.

We are also not any kind of “animal rights wackos.”

We eat steak, we enjoy a good cheeseburger now and again. However we do love and appreciate nature and the creatures God placed on this Earth. What you will see in this video is not the act of civilized people.

Be warned. The video is very graphic and disturbing:


What it does show is that there are some truly sick, twisted individuals who have hijacked the black lives matter narrative and turned it into something evil, something obscene.

Look at the below tweet and if it doesn’t make you absolutely sick to your stomach, you have no soul.

Look, nobody knows if these people are official “Black Lives Matter” activists, or if they just hijacked the narrative. But clearly, they have become emboldened by the nationwide protests that have been taking place for three months.

The original post on Facebook was removed, however according to some who saw it that posted in online forums, the gist of his post was that he was a BLM supporter; according to posters he “directly and explicitly expressed his support for BLM.”

It was the original poster who brought BLM into the conversation. Could this poster be trying to co-opt the message? Possibly. So, we will leave BLM out of this conversation. Honestly it matters not whether this individual was a BLM supporter or not.

Someone who would do this to an innocent animal, whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, shows a sense of evil that honestly cannot be put into words.

The original poster indicated he was a supporter of black lives matter. So, the questions become, is this what George Floyd’s death has brought us? This is what the death of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin has brought us? How on God’s green earth are people such as the original poster to expect support when something like this happens?

It is said, and justifiably so that the actions of one or two people should not be a reflection on the group as a whole.

That standard should also apply to police officers, however for some reason it does not. So, with that said, the actions of these particular imbeciles should not reflect on all blacks. That is short-sighted and unfair.

It’s bad enough that people think nothing of running down police officers, throwing bricks at their heads or shooting fireworks at them.

Dragging a man out of his truck, beating him practically senseless and then delivering a roundhouse kick to the head isn’t given a second thought. All of these actions take forethought.

There was something, however about this video of one of God’s creatures which was used in a game of blood sport.

It’s not able to be determined how many people are present while this raccoon is being run over, then beaten with a baseball bat. It looks to be anywhere between 8-10 people, including what looks to be maybe a 10-year-old boy.

After running the animal over a couple of times with a car, two of these heroes then took to beating it repeatedly with baseball bats for over 40 seconds. We counted at least 20 blows with the baseball bat.

Repeatedly while the animal bled out, then finally drew its last breath.

Identify them: Disturbing video shows group of people torturing animal then killing it

Did anybody attempt to intervene? Nope. Did anyone say anything to stop it? Nope.

Identify them: Disturbing video shows group of people torturing animal then killing it
Someone named “James Blue” recorded the incident and posted it online, then attempted to justify the act of animal cruelty by saying that “Black lives matter,” and “Only white people worry about animals.”
Identify them: Disturbing video shows group of people torturing animal then killing it
The niece of one of the perpetrators of the animal cruelty responded by saying:“Worry about the police killing Black people,” then dismissed the killing of the innocent raccoon saying, “only white peoples worry about this.”Blue, who used the screen name of “blueblack800” replied to the person who posted the video on Twitter, @litepimp, saying, “Worry about the police killing Black people you’re worried about an animal crazy.”

Animal rights activists are said to be trying to identify the people in the video to turn the information over to authorities. “James Blue,” apparently a coward, disabled his Instagram and Facebook accounts after the video went viral and people started condemning him for his actions.

So, what does this mean? It isn’t too hard to connect the dots between animal cruelty and later violent and aggressive crimes, according to the Independent.

We mentioned the fact that there appeared to be a younger boy who witnessed this incident. Research has shown that there is a significant psychological effect on children who witness animal cruelty.

The article referred to a study conducted in Romania, which showed that nearly 90% of teenagers felt that it was “normal” to see homeless animals abused or killed.

The same study found that youngsters in Germany, which were used as a control group, were less likely to later self-harm or have suicidal tendencies. The Romanian children had nearly all seen street animals being caught in a noose, poisoned, or hanged.

Those statistics transferred over to the view of domestic violence against women, with 36 percent of Romanians thinking domestic violence in their country was very common, with 48 percent saying it was fairly common.

The study in Romania also showed that 13 convicted murderers, 22 child rapists and 99 people guilty of child cruelty had also been convicted or cautioned for animal cruelty offenses over the previous ten-year period.

In addition, hundreds of offenders who had been convicted of violent crimes against other people had also been found guilty of animal abuse.

So, today it could be a raccoon. Tomorrow it could be a child, or an innocent person just walking down the street.

When we downplay violence even on animals, we turn a blind eye to what leads to violence on human beings. We are likely seeing a result of that on the streets of America every day.

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