Biden administration has spread misinformation at least 27 times in the last two weeks

Biden administration has spread misinformation at least 27 times in the last two weeks

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by Christopher Tremoglie

President Joe Biden is not an honest politician. Even before becoming president, he was known for his frequent battles with the truth, manipulation of facts, and consistent struggles with honesty. It was a concerning trend that carried over into his presidency. Yet because the corporate media protect him, there hasn’t been an official tracker to tally his hourly, daily, or weekly misinformation. So I have decided to start one. Allow me to introduce the official “Biden dishonesty and misinformation tracker.”

I will evaluate daily and weekly statements from President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala HarrisWhite House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and others from his administration. I will then count the misinformation statements every week and report the quantity and some of the week’s biggest whoppers.

I was motivated to do this after seeing Biden’s first presidential reelection campaign video that was released in late April. There was so much misinformation in the first 30 seconds of the video, let alone its entirety, that it moved me to do something that could hold Biden accountable.

Another reason for doing this was that while campaigning for president, Biden routinely criticized Donald Trump for not being truthful to the American public. He promised he would be a different breed if he was elected and would restore dignity, honor, and honesty to the executive branch. Yet, since he’s been elected, Biden has been, at best, just as bad as his predecessor and, at worst, one of the biggest spreaders of misinformation the country has ever seen.

With Biden officially kicking off his reelection bid, I analyzed his campaign video. My colleague, Quin Hillyer, exposed Biden’s dishonesty beginning with the video’s first sentence, in which Biden, a president who has done everything possible to limit freedom, emphasized the importance of freedom in the country.

“This is the same president whose administration fights vociferously against the freedom of parents to choose which schools their children attend or even to access information about the policies of those schools. It is an administration that fights against the freedom of artists to choose whether or not to use their artistic expression for ceremonies of which their faith disapproves,” Hillyer wrote. “It fights against the freedom of coaches to pray silently on the field after games. It threatens the freedom of people to use gas stoves, to drive cars that burn fossil fuels, to build on their own properties if rainy seasons create temporary small ponds there, to promote conservative views on college campuses, or to work at public schools without giving assent to ideological training.”

There were also comments from Biden and others in his administration over the last two weeks falsely accusing Republicans of cutting Medicare and Social Security. Additionally, the White House press secretary stated that Republicans wanted to defund the Border Patrol, didn’t care about the border crisis, and were allowing fentanyl to be smuggled across the border.

Then there was the repeated myth of the voter suppression of minorities.

On a stranger note, Biden spread misinformation about his own family. One of his more glaring whoppers was when he told incorrect information about when and where his son had died. On multiple occasions, he claimed Beau Biden died in Iraq, when in reality, he died at Walter Reed from brain cancer. Then, less than two weeks ago, Biden falsely claimed that he had been born where his grandfather had died “two weeks before.” Except that Biden was born in 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and his grandfather died in 1941 in Baltimore.

Under Biden, misinformation has been as American as apple pie, which is why I have started this tracker. Much was said and done to hold former President Donald Trump accountable for his many untruthful or inaccurate statements, which is fine — people should know when their president is misleading them. But they should also know when that president is a Democrat.

So as of today, analyzing all statements from Biden or his administration over the last two weeks, whether new or repeated, Biden’s tally stands at 27 instances of misinformation. I will continue to add and update this each week, because people deserve to know the truth about the president’s falsehoods.

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