6-year-old girl forced to perform sex act on boy while another classmate filmed: Report

6-year-old girl forced to perform sex act on boy while another classmate filmed: Report

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Parents whose children attend an elementary school in Texas are demanding answers after they learned that a first-grade girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by other students during class.

On April 19, an unnamed 6-year-old girl was reportedly forced underneath a desk at South Elementary School in Plainview, Texas, and made to perform a sex act on another student while yet another classmate filmed it on a school-issued iPad. According to a statement issued by the district, the incident “occurred away from the full vision of the teacher,” who was then attending to another group of students.

The school apparently learned about the incident the following day after another teacher confiscated the devices of several students who were not performing their assigned tasks. One such device was protected by a password and required the assistance of a technician to unlock. Once the device was unlocked, school officials discovered “inappropriate content,” the statement said. The content is believed to be related to the alleged sexual assault of the young girl, though administrators have not confirmed that suspicion since the incident involves “minors” who “have a right to privacy,” the statement said.

According to the district’s statement, both law enforcement and Child Protective Services have been involved in investigating the matter. By April 27, the teacher had been placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation, and each of the students involved had been interviewed and their parents contacted, the district claimed.

The girl’s family has told a different story, saying they learned about the incident from the girl, not from school administrators. According to the family, the girl began behaving strangely at the time of the alleged incident. Her adult cousin, Heather Gonzales, shared that the girl complained of stomachaches and other ailments. “She’s in distress,” Gonzales said. “… You can tell something’s wrong with her.”

When pressed, the girl reportedly first revealed that a male student had exposed himself to her at lunch. She later divulged the alleged sexual assault, telling her family that she repeatedly hit one of her assailants with “a poetry book” during the attack and kept fighting “until they let [her] go.”

Gonzales claimed that the school stonewalled the family when they tried to get answers about the incident. “Everything was ‘no comment. I cannot tell you. No comment,'” she said.

Outrage about the district’s supposed lack of transparency has led to at least two public protests, and school was canceled on May 8 because of ongoing “threats of violence to teachers and staff members,” the Plainview Herald reported. Still, parents are refusing to back down.


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