Report: Smirnoff Partnered with Trans Activist Who Disrupted Texas Legislature

Report: Smirnoff Partnered with Trans Activist Who Disrupted Texas Legislature


Vodka retailer Smirnoff  reportedly had a business partnership with a transgender activist who recently participated in an “insurrection” and was forcibly removed from the Texas state capitol.

Maxine LaQueene is a male who identifies as a female and was one of several activists who protested at Texas’s Capitol during a legislative vote on a transgender bill.

As the Texas Tribune detailed:

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan abruptly cleared the public from the chamber’s gallery Tuesday, after LGBTQ Texans and parents of transgender kids chanted in opposition of a bill that would ban transition-related care for children.

Phelan ordered state police to clear the gallery just as Senate Bill 14 came to the House floor and as opponents began their chants and unrolled banners in support of trans kids. As bill opponents started filing out of the gallery, they chanted, “Trans rights are human rights.”

According to U.K. anti-trans activist Oli London, who reported on LaQueene’s business relationship with Smirnoff, he “exposed his testicles and backside” during his protest at the Texas Capitol.

LaQueene’s Instagram account included posts that featured “Paid partnership with Smirnoff” labels.

As Fox News reported:

A further look at the same account revealed multiple posts showing LaQueene in full drag doing promotional material for Smirnoff’s Pride 2023 Ambassadorship. One of the posts was a video ad involving LaQueene strutting in full drag for the campaign.

In the caption, she wrote, “#Ad The suspiciously large woman of Austin, Texas is here to remind you to support @smirnoff and trans entertainers! Don’t forget to tap the link in my bio and vote for Maxine to be Smirnoff’s Pride 2023 Ambassador!”

London tweeted:

The Trans activist who exposed his testicles and backside in the Texas capital is now claiming the police were responsible for his indecent exposure claiming:

“It was an accident that happened after DPS tried to forcibly remove me from the house.”

Drag queen Maxine LaQueene posted an Instagram video earlier today saying:

“If I show up to the capital today DPS will arrest me” while saying he was “completely speechless the fact that an accident happened” after he flashed his backside in front of women and teens.

“The FACE of Smirnoff. Does @SmirnoffUS think this drag queen seen here flashing his genitals at teens and women in an unlawful insurrection is helping to make the brand look Respectable?” London asked.

“Radical Trans Activist who exposed his testicles in front of teens in the Texas State House has a long-term paid brand partnership with @SmirnoffUS. Will the brand continue to pay this man or drop him as ambassador immediately?” London asked


Smirnoff denied a current working relationship with LaQueene, telling Fox News that he is “not currently a Smirnoff partner, and does not currently have any contract with Smirnoff.”

However, the company admitted to partnering with LaQueene during a promotional campaign in the fall of 2022.

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