‘Please be cautious’: Austin resident says ‘women predators are a reality’ amid Lady Bird Lake serial killer rumors

‘Please be cautious’: Austin resident says ‘women predators are a reality’ amid Lady Bird Lake serial killer rumors

By Sumanti Sen

AUSTIN, TEXAS: After serial killer rumors surfaced on social media following the deaths of several men whose bodies were found in Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, an Austin resident has taken to Facebook to warn people. Locals of Austin, Texas, are terrified after an eighth body was pulled from Lady Bird Lake in the city in just 10 months. Similar deaths were reported and bodies recovered from the lake in the past few years too.

Police dismissed claims that the deaths were the work of a serial killer, and said that although each incident occurred at the lake, “the circumstances, exact locations, and demographics surrounding these cases vary.” But several residents and many of the victims’ family members do not believe these claims and say foul play was involved.

Please be cautious of women as well as men’

A social media user has now suggested the possibility that the alleged killer could be a woman too, despite the common belief that the suspect is a man. “Guys, local bartender here.. Please be cautious of women as well as men when you’re out. It’s easy to assume that a woman asking for time alone or even asking for a chaperone wouldn’t initially give you a reason to suspect her,” Kelly Rae Cooper posted on a Facebook page titled ‘Lady Bird Lake Serial Killer/ Rainey St Killer’. “However, women predators are a reality, and they typically rely on their “fishing” abilities to find victims. I’m not saying that this is what is happening; I just think it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution if you choose to go out in Austin.”


‘Makes total sense’

Some social media users agreed, with one saying, “Yes, I also believe that women are involved.” Another said, “I’ve been saying this for a while as well. Makes total sense.” “100%! Since there is a lot of reason to believe there’s a team involved, it definitely stands to reason that at least one person involved is female. Be careful of any and all sus-acting strangers, gender irrelevant!” wrote one user.

“Great advice~there is talk of these men being “lured” to the water~stay safe and alert out there, guys,” one user wrote, while another said, “Good point! Kind of makes sense. She, or, they could be luring these guys.” “Be careful of anyone in Austin. You might not have an agenda, but they damn sure do,” wrote a user. Another said, “Totally agree. I’m sure there is a woman involved!”


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