I Love You, Man

Dear Prudence,
My husband and I were sweethearts through high school and college and have been married for nine years. We have two beautiful children and are very happy. My husband started a new job a few years ago and immediately struck up a close friendship with an unmarried male co-worker. They go on regular weekend fishing and hunting trips. They are so inseparable that our friends, families, and even their co-workers joke about their “bromance.” My husband has never displayed any bisexual or gay tendencies before. But he and his friend hug, often have their arms around each other, sit next to each other on our couch when watching TV, and talk for hours in our backyard. They even tell each other, “Love you.” I don’t believe my husband has said that to any other man, even his father. The friend has become part of our family. The kids adore him and call him “Uncle.” Sometimes I find myself feeling jealous of their closeness. Our conversations tend to be about paying bills, housework, and the kids. I tried to talk to my husband about how he and his friend often make me feel like a third wheel. My husband asked whether I want him to cut his friend out of our lives. I don’t, but I’m getting frustrated and a little resentful. Any advice?

—Third Wheel


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