Amazon worker springs into action to catch porch pirate: ‘That’s my job’

Amazon worker springs into action to catch porch pirate: ‘That’s my job’


A quick-thinking Amazon delivery driver hunted down a porch pirate and forced the thief to give up his partner in crime — who fled the scene with the poached package.

The Amazon employee witnessed the two thieves snatch the freshly-delivered package off a property in Norman, Oklahoma Monday before fleeing toward separate escape routes.

The driver sprang into action and quickly followed one bandit who jumped headfirst over a fence into a nearby backyard.

The thief tumbles into a backyard.
The thief tumbled head-first into a nearby backyard in an attempt to escape.
@therealandycruz via Newsflare

Dramatic video captured the thief aggressively tossing his skateboard over the gate before flinging his body after it with the delivery driver hot on his heels.

“You took that man’s s–t, bro!” the quick-footed worker shouted at the thief, who repeatedly denied stealing the package.

“Go tell that man that ’cause that’s my job! … You owe that man. On God. I don’t give a f–k.”

The thief continued to deny taking part in the robbery and was quick to throw his accomplice under the bus: “It was the girl.”

The Amazon worker hunts the thief down.
The Amazon employee coerced the thief into giving up his accomplice and the whereabouts of the stolen package.
@therealandycruz via Newsflare

The male victim appeared at the edge of the gate and patiently waited while the driver continued chastising the thief.

“Get your ass over here, bro. Don’t make me pull your ass over here, bro,” the worker said, adding that he watched the young boy taking part in the heist.

After less than one minute of arguing and multiple threats to involve the police, the thief confessed to the crime and gave up his accomplice’s home address and apartment number.

The worker ordered the thief to take them to the building, but the thief expressed fear of what the victim would do to him if he moved any closer.

The victim and Amazon worker wait at the gate.
With the help of the Amazon worker, the victim was able to recover his package.
@therealandycruz via Newsflare

“He’s literally going to beat my ass,” the thief can be heard saying.

“I don’t give a f–k,” the Amazon worker said.

The group eventually moved to the apartment building and recovered the stolen package.

It is not immediately clear if the thieves were hit with any criminal charges

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