VIDEO: Man saves baby in runaway stroller headed for busy Hesperia street





A terrifying video captured the moment a runaway baby stroller nearly rolls into heavy traffic before being saved in Hesperia.

Security video shows a woman unloading items from the backseat of her SUV parked outside of the A1 Hand Car Wash on Monday around 3:30 p.m. A stroller with a baby inside was placed outside near the vehicle.

As she’s rummaging through the car, the stroller suddenly starts to roll backward. When the woman notices, she runs toward the stroller, but trips and falls down. She gets up again, only to fall down once more.

Just as the stroller is moments away from hitting traffic, a good Samaritan suddenly dashes in from the side and grabs the stroller. He pushes the baby back up the driveway as another person helps the fallen woman stand up. When he reaches the woman, he gives her a hug.

“I heard a lady screaming while I was on my way to the stroller and she had fallen down twice,” recalled Ronald Nessman, the man who saved the baby. “I noticed the stroller was going through traffic and instinctively ran towards the stroller. I was just thankful I was at the right place at the right time.”

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