Passengers ‘vote’ unruly flyer off plane in turbulent scene

Passengers ‘vote’ unruly flyer off plane in turbulent scene

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This is a lot of turbulence for a flight that hasn’t taken off.

A TikToker captured the moment passengers came together and appeared to vote an unruly flyer off a plane for arguing with other travelers.

A series of clips detailing the wild mid-air ruling has landed millions of views on TikTok.

“I’m just tryna get home,” TikToker @LanaisLi wrote Monday above one of the videos of the rowdy incident, which she says unfolded during a Frontier Airlines flight from Trenton, NJ, to Atlanta.

The Post reached out to Frontier and a Trenton airport spokesperson for comment.

The TikToker told The Post that the flight fracas began when a couple “asked the flight attendant to move seats closer to the front of the plane. They were told no and there was a back and forth between the [flight attendant] and the man.”

Another passenger “rows back was saying slick comments while this was happening, which resulted in the back and forth between the two ladies,” the TikToker reported.

In the dramatic footage, a woman in a black sweatshirt can be seen yelling at a gray-clad passenger to mind her “f–king business.”

The passenger in red leads the vote.
The passenger in red leads the vote on the flight from New Jersey to Georgia, per TikTok.
TikTok/, lanaisli

A flight attendant walks over and confronts the woman in black, who claims she was just defending her male companion — the one who was reportedly arguing with the flight attendant — because he “did nothing wrong.”

At one point, the man walks over to the woman in gray with a giant wad of cash and hands her a few bills, presumably in jest.

She responds by chucking the money back in his face.

The woman in black continues to deride the passenger in gray: “We’ve been asking you to mind your business this whole plane ride. What are you so invested us for?”

A security officer soon arrives to escort the woman in black off the flight, prompting her to protest her ejection.

She says the other female passenger is the one “who needs to get off the plane” because she’s been “antagonizing” them the “whole time.”

In the second clip, security personnel can be seen taking the woman in black and her cash-flashing partner off the flight.

An unidentified passenger tells a fellow flyer to "mind her business."
An unidentified passenger tells a fellow flyer to “mind her business.”

This sparks a debate among the passengers, with some wondering why authorities didn’t boot the woman in gray as well.

A bespectacled male passenger in red gives his two cents after a fellow flyer tells everyone to “shut the hell up.”

He called the airplane a microcosm of “American culture” because “everybody is against everybody” and not working together.

Then, red shirt decides to invoke another aspect of American culture: Putting the gray-clad woman’s fate to a vote.

“If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand,” he says in a third clip. “I’m not even kidding. If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight. I’m not even kidding, I got 40 hands up.”

Accompanying footage shows a bunch of passengers with their arms up as if they’re schoolchildren voting to watch a movie in class.

The passenger gathers her belongings after getting voted off the airplane.
The passenger gathers her belongings after getting voted off the airplane.
TikTok/, lanaisli

The self-appointed leader then calls a security officer over, saying: “Sir, I want her off the plane. I don’t care, I’m trying to prove a point. If you want to be a d–k to people, we’re going to be a d–k back.”

This seems to do the trick, as shortly thereafter the woman in gray is seen gathering her belongings from the overhead in preparation to leave.

TikTokers were astonished this ejectoral process appeared to work.

“Getting voted off the plane in the air is crazy,” one commented, while another wrote: “She got voted off. I can’t.”

“This flight turned into an episode of survivor,” declared a third, referencing the TV show where contestants vote off their peers while vying for $1 million.

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