Transgender Giant Beats Teen Girl After Exposing Himself in Locker Room

Transgender Giant Beats Teen Girl After Exposing Himself in Locker Room

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For most Americans, the moment a person wants to alter their “God-given” biological sex, a big red flag pops up. Something just isn’t right. No one should violently discriminate against such a mentally confused person, but the truth is still blatantly obvious. The person has mental health concerns, at least at some level.

Americans are free to dress and act as they wish. If a man wants to curl his hair and wear makeup, he has that right. If a woman wants to dress and act like a man, so be it. As well, if a person chooses to undertake dangerous life-altering surgery to change their appearance, the U.S. Constitution gives them that right.

But that’s where things stop. Just because someone is confused over the biological sex to which they were born doesn’t give them the right to trample on the rights of others. A man, who, for whatever twisted reason, thinks he’s now a woman should not be parading around naked in front of true biological women.

Likewise, biological men, born with obvious physical advantages over women, should not be playing sports against women. However, one of the bigger areas that seems quite obvious is where these transgender people should dress, undress, or use “the facilities.” Boys, regardless of whether they “think they’re girls,” shouldn’t be getting naked around other women.

Too many of these misguided “trans people” clearly prove the initial theory. Something just isn’t right “upstairs,” let alone how they feel about their biological make-up “downstairs.” In fact, many men who elect to transition to the female sex still have “their original parts” downstairs. Logical people realize that these are still men.

The “all-inclusive” transgender push can argue this point all they want, but they’re wrong. There are two sexes, period. Again, problems arise in a number of areas, but none more glaring than the locker room. It’s fairly obvious that problems are going to happen. At a Southern California high school, those problems turned violent.

A massive biological male, who thinks he’s a woman, exposed his “downstairs biology” to a female inside the MLK High School locker room. That’s disgusting enough. But this student proved the notion that these people have other mental issues. According to one student, “He spit on my friends that are girls, females. He shows his genitals in the locker room.”

Family members and students at MLK told FOX 11 that this particular transgender student has a history of volatile behavior. A video showed the transgender student exposing his genitals and then spitting at the female students. Students pushed back, and a physical altercation ensued.

Certainly, Americans must first realize that denying our God-given biological sex is a cry for help. Someone may have a good reason for questioning their identity, but that cannot change the scientific truth. Boys are born boys, and girls are born girls.

Furthermore, anyone who believes they can alter that reality has issues. This incident shows how those issues can manifest themselves and put others at risk. The fact that transgender people believe they have rights doesn’t permit them to trample on the rights of others.



Transgender Giant Beats Teen Girl After Exposing Himself in Locker Room

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