California man convicted of murdering 3 teenagers after ‘ding dong ditch’ prank that included ‘mooning’

California man convicted of murdering 3 teenagers after ‘ding dong ditch’ prank that included ‘mooning’

A California man was convicted of murdering three teenagers and injuring three others after a “ding dong ditch” prank that included one teen exposing his buttocks to the man.

45-year-old Anurag Chandra was inside his Temescal Valley home on the night of January 19, 2020, when he heard his doorbell ring.

One of six teenagers had hopped back into their Prius vehicle after running from his door and “mooning” him by exposing his buttocks, according to Chandra.

Enraged, Chandra jumped into his 2019 Infinity and chased after them.

He rammed their car several times and sent it crashing into a tree and then into a utility pole.

Three of the teenagers died in the crash, all aged 16 years old.

The man returned to his home, where police arrested him later.

Chandra admitted that he had drunk 12 beers in the three hours prior to the incident. He claimed that he feared for the safety of his family after seeing someone at his home with a sweatshirt hood pulled over his head.

Investigators said that Chandra accelerated to 99 miles per hour in order to rear-end the teenagers’ car. He did not know them prior to the lethal incident.

“The murder of these young men was a horrendous and senseless tragedy for our community,” said Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin. “This is an important step toward justice.”

Chandra was scheduled to appear in court over domestic abuse charges when the lethal prank incident unfolded. He faces life in prison over the murder charges when he is sentenced. His attorney said they will appeal the conviction.

A GoFundMe account was established to help the surviving teenagers with medical costs.

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