Biden is embroiled in another controversy and it could get worse really soon

Biden is embroiled in another controversy and it could get worse really soon

by Fox News Staff

Fox News host Jesse Watters highlights the scandals plaguing the Biden White House on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Now, a picture tells a thousand words. Here’s Joe Biden at dinner with foreign nationals paying his son. What were they paying his son for? They can’t tell you. But we have emails describing kickbacks for Joe Biden, 10% for the big guy and of Hunter setting up White House meetings for Chinese nationals- a guy named Wang. Does that sound like innuendo? We have IRS whistleblowers who say Biden’s Department of Justice, they’ve been slow walking charges against Hunter to protect the fam. Can’t say we’re surprised when we hear the Department of Justice has been sitting on evidence that Joe is exchanging political favors for cash. 

This was happening right under Barack Hussein Obama’s nose. Barack Hussein Obama likes to say his administration had no scandals, but his own VP was running a foreign cash register out of his White House? Come on. But it could get worse. Hunter’s finances? They’re about to get cracked open in an Arkansas court, all because the deadbeat dad’s trying to lowball child support payments to his love child. Now, meanwhile, Hunter has been shacking up with the White House, trying not to get served. And his sugar brother, you know, the guy who loaned Hunter $ 2 million to pay off his back taxes? 

Well, we just found out he’s been hiding Hunter’s assets. So a four-year-old girl can stay poor. The sugar brother even took over Hunter’s stake in that Chinese company that the White House said that Hunter divested from. And you ready? The Washington Post’s just now reporting that federal prosecutors just met with Hunter’s defense team, and they’re very close on deciding whether or not to indict the president’s son on tax and gun charges. Now, maybe this is why Joe hasn’t been seen in the last 48 hours

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