In Biden’s ‘post-constitutional’ America, local officials, affected citizens should sue him: Levin

In Biden’s ‘post-constitutional’ America, local officials, affected citizens should sue him: Levin

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by Charles Creitz

Local and state officials dealing with the repercussions of President Biden choosing not to enforce federal immigration law to its fullest extent should use the power of the law to take the administration to court, former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff Mark Levin said Monday.

Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” as well as his eponymous Westwood One radio program, told “Hannity” that the far left has shown themselves unafraid of testing the limits of established law – be it through charges against a former president or several other instances.

Therefore, he suggested, right-leaning officials in states and cities affected by unfettered illegal immigration should feel empowered to sue Biden over his willful disregard for federal laws and established norms.

Levin also addressed Biden directly, asking what his response is to the estimated 100,000 victims of fatal fentanyl poisoning, or of the untold numbers of illegal immigrants who have died on their way to the United States or are found on U.S. private property dead of dehydration and the like.

“What do you say to the women and the girls who’ve been molested and raped as a result of your border policy, sir? What do you say to the women and girls who tonight, as I speak, are sold into sex slavery as a result of your policies?” he said.

“You say you’re for gun control, all the illegal weapons coming across the border on your watch. What do you say about that, Mr. President? What about the drug cartels that control our borders and are making billions and billions of dollars? What do you say about that, Joe Biden.”

He noted that even leftist politicians have begun urging Biden for help, including blue-city mayors.

Levin said Biden is culpable for the 85,000 unaccounted for illegal alien minors released into the country – “He’s lost 85,000 children.”

“What about the quarter of a million young teenagers who are indentured servants working in restaurants and fields and so forth, 12 hours a day. And the Democrats pretend they’re humane with this open border.”

Levin noted Biden’s open border policies have led to strains on parts of the economy and infrastructure that one may not initially associate with the crisis – like overburdened school systems, or illegal immigrant children who don’t speak English who are, by law, placed in schools and then are unable to communicate or learn because of a language barrier

“The man is not complying with the immigration laws of the United States. He’s violating them. He’s supposed to, whether he likes laws or not, to enforce them. The attorney general of the United States does nothing to force his boss to enforce the laws in this country.”

Therefore, if Attorney General Merrick Garland does not want to act decisively, Levin said, it may be up to local officials to sue the federal government to force them to faithfully execute the laws already on the books.

“I would again call on the attorneys general of the states – I would call on the district attorneys in every county, particularly those who are Republican and conservative – to [look] for reasons to sue this president,” he said.

“[S]ue him for anything you can think of. Dust off your local county ordinances. Dust off the state laws. Dust them off and sue him.”



“What I’m saying here is test the limits of the law. Push the envelope of the law. The radical-kook Democrats do it all the time. They’ve done it in Manhattan. They might do it Atlanta,” he said, referring to where former President Trump is being investigated.

Host Sean Hannity noted Levin often refers to America having become a “post-constitutional” society under Biden’s rule.

Levin agreed, adding that the repercussions of Biden’s willful disregard for established immigration law, for only one example, will not be fully felt for potentially a decade.

“The consequences won’t be felt when he’s long gone. So your children and your grandchildren are going to have to live with this.”

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