NYC cop being investigated after attempting to stop boyfriend’s arrest

NYC cop being investigated after attempting to stop boyfriend’s arrest

By Simran Agarwal

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Alisa Bajraktarevic, a New York City police officer, is being looked at after it has been alleged that she intended to stop narcotics detectives from capturing her boyfriend, a drug dealer. Bajraktarevic’s relationship with the drug dealer was known to the police department for about a year.

Police claimed that Bajraktarevic, 33, successfully created a ruckus to evade capture when she and the suspect were stopped on Saturday, April 29, according to DailyMail. She made a scene when the cops wouldn’t let him go and attempted to use her status as a police officer as cover. She was stripped of her guns and given desk duty as a result of the police officer’s protective action. Her boyfriend, however, was not named since the police let him go.

How did Alisa Bajraktarevic meet her drug-dealing boyfriend?

A source revealed that Bajraktarevic and the suspected drug dealer began dating after meeting at the gym, according to New York Post. Her coworkers had earlier urged her to avoid her unidentified boyfriend after it was revealed that narcotics detectives had been keeping an eye on him for some time.

The police department has been aware of Bajraktarevic’s connection to the drug dealer for nearly a year, ever since she tried to hinder a search at the dealer’s Manhattan residence. Officers had advised Bajraktarevic to avoid the dealer, but she persisted in her relationship and even included him in her company party.

‘He’s not a drug dealer’

The source described the dealer as “a really bad guy” who is well-known to the department, according to New York Post. “This person eventually is going to use you as a get-out-of-jail card, which is what he did,” the source said. However, Bajraktarevic is adamant that her boyfriend isn’t a drug dealer.

Bajraktarevic, who formerly worked for the NYPD police for 11 years at a reported $115,250 salary, said, “He’s not a drug dealer,” according to New York Post. Speaking of her narcotic detectives looking into her boyfriend, she said, “But the alleged drug dealer? That’s not under investigation,” according to DailyMail.

Sources suspect that she could’ve informed the dealer about numerous warrants by using her position, according to New York Post. Police sources claimed that a cop who associates with a known criminal may face administrative sanctions, such as a transfer or loss of vacation time, or they may face criminal charges and a prison sentence if it is found that they broke the law.

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