Boyfriend has overly attached bromance…what do I do?

Boyfriend has overly attached bromance…what do I do?

Hello everyone hope someone out there can give me some help on this issue i have. I recently started dating a guy who is wonderful andi really do like him. We only see each other about once a week because i work and he lives about half an hour away from me.



My issue us that he has an overly attached bromance. This other guyis his closest friend and he goes by the name ‘wifey’. On a few occasions already and we have only just started dating within the last month, his ‘wife’ will text him if im with him and demands he comes back home to see him. The guy im dating says he doesnt and wont let him walk all over him etc but he already has let this ‘wifey’ take over. One night i made plans with my guy to come over to a mates and watch movies and stuff. He knows my friends already and loves spending time with them but his ‘wife’ text him saying he doesnt spend time with him anymore when he does pretty much all week and demanded he stopped hanging out with us that night and come back to see him, so he did. I was slightly annoyed but got over it. But now its happening a lil more and im worried this ‘friend’ is going to ruin our chances of even starting a relationship. I dont mind him hanging out with him at all, sometimes i wont hear from my guy for days because hes with his friend but i dint text him asking why he hasnt text me etc as im not like that, but I dont want this stupid ‘wifey’ taking over. My guy has already warned me his friend is quite sarcastic and may say something rude to me now and again but i should just give it back to him, but why should i? I expect his friend to treat me with respect on first meeting and everytime after that. I can already imagine him gatecrashing dates.



What should i do?

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