Yesterday was a bit of an eye opener for us. We put up a poll, asking our community where you usually spend your TNBD time: Directly at NewsBeyondDetroit dot Net,  or on the “Disqus Side” of our comments, or “What’s The Difference”.  We got a small vote turnout, but a passionate one.

It looks a little blurry, but the majority of you say you spend your time on the TNBD side, with a healthy number also saying they spend their time on the DISQUS side. A good number also weren’t quite sure what this all means.  Here is where we are coming from.

When you go to our own website, your activity helps us. Your clicks, your movement around the pages, and of course any ads you click on from the companies that sponsor us.

When you get an alert, usually as a little red number saying how many replies you’ve received, or “likes” that your comments have gotten, or other Disqus alerts, that is on the DISQUS side. And you can reply to your friends (and enemies) through that interface. You can upvote people there, and do some other things on that side. Any ads you click while in that interface don’t help TNBD. It is a Disqus feature.  They get the revenue from that. We love Disqus, and they help us a lot. But it’s better for us at TNBD if you stick around our side to do your browsing through channels and comments, and especially the ad clicks.

We understand that some things on the Disqus side may be convenient like seeing all of your comments arranged, and seeing your likes, etc. But if everythinng else was equal, we’d like to see everyone use the TNBD side whenever available.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and if that includes the ease of spending time on the Disqus side for that convenient interface, then be our guest and do what you want there. Know that when you are clicking on stories and comments and ads and seeing all the other comments from people and upvoting them and all that activity on the TNBD side, you’re helping us. (It also means more games & contests & charity give aways, and stuff).

That said, we don’t expect a whole lot from our community except to keep the place fun and stimulating and non-threatening. Those of you who have bought us coffees (we really appreciate the coffees. You don’t have any idea how hard DetroitCityLimits works to get you stories) you coffee providers have been a pleasant surprise with your generosity.  And again, everything else being equal, we’d appreciate you spending  time on the TNBD side when you have the choice.

Thanks everyone, and have fun.   MichCon

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