‘So scary’: Outrage after mother finds disturbing ‘Thomas & Friends’ clip on YouTube Kids

‘So scary’: Outrage after mother finds disturbing ‘Thomas & Friends’ clip on YouTube Kids

By Rohit Upadhyay

TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE: A Tennessee mother was left in shock after discovering her two-year-old son watching a demonic ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ clip on YouTube Kids. Hannah Bishop took to TikTok and shared the incident and warned other parents to be more careful about what their children watch online. The mother of one, noticed Brody, 2, watching the video which starts as usual happy-go-lucky Thomas singing, “I’m gonna chug, I’m gonna choo” as it smoothly moves down the tracks. But soon, the parody account of ‘Thomas & Friends’ turns devilish and starts to sing in a scary voice, “I’m gonna kill the lot of you.”

The mother said, “Saw this video pop up while my two-year-old was watching. I don’t even have words for this. Needless to say, we are looking for a different subscription for Brody to watch.” Bishop’s comment section was overflowing with fairly divided reactions. One user was agitated with YouTube Kids’ repeated failure to monitor content, “Ugh, YouTube Kids is so frustrating! Sorry mama, that is so scary!” It was seconded by another user who wrote, “There’s a big epidemic of gore videos being put in the middle of YouTube Kids’ videos.”

‘Kim Kardashian warned parents’

Many users started voicing their opinion on this matter and one of them said, “YouTube Kids gives me the creeps so so bad. I got rid of it within a week of putting it on kids’ iPad,”. Another user said, “This thing would have given me a heart attack as a kid. This would have traumatized me as a child as if Thomas wasn’t traumatic enough back in the day,”. Apparently, reality star Kim Kardashian recently advised parents to monitor their children’s screens while sharing an incident about her son Saint. The mother of four said that her son Saint was playing the children’s game ‘Roblox’ and suddenly he started laughing while staring at his tablet. She then found that there was an ad with an image of her, captioned, “Kim’s new sex tape”, per the Daily Mail.

Approved content only’

Bishop later posted another TikTok video where she shared a guided video showing parents how to manually opt-in for this feature, where they can ‘handpick’ every video and channel that’s available to watch on the child’s account. A social media user Garcia said, “Logging into your account, clicking ‘setting.’ putting in the password, click ‘edit settings,’ click on your child’s age range, and then select ‘approved content only.”



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