Owner shares heartbreaking moment Mother cat refuses to let go of dead kitten

Owner shares heartbreaking moment Mother cat refuses to let go of dead kitten

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TikTok users have been devastated by a viral video showing a distraught mother cat clinging to one of her deceased kittens shortly after delivery.

The viral video shows the cat Bella after giving birth to her kittens and refusing to let go of her first baby. Bella’s owner, Kinan, said that she gave birth to three kittens, but only the third survived.

After a loss, our pets can grieve just like humans. It could be the loss of an owner, another pet, or in this case, a kitten that doesn’t survive.

According to Veterinarians.org, signs of grief in a cat can include lethargy, depression, neediness, searching, and a change in appetite. It can be difficult for an owner to see that their pet is feeling down, but there are ways to help them through their grief. These include maintaining the pet’s routine, spending extra time with the cat while she needs company, and calming agents.

Cat holds dead kitten
Bella didn’t want to let go of her dead kitten. Unfortunately, when Bella gave birth to her kittens on March 15th, only one survived.

Kinan, who declined to give her full name, watched as Bella held her dead kitten for an hour before releasing it. The owner shared the heartbreaking video on her TikTok account @almondforlyfe with a caption that read: “Her first baby didn’t make it, she won’t let her go.”



The clip has already generated over 3.1 million views and 442,000 likes. After seeing the video go viral, Kinan spoke to him news week about Bella’s experience.

“She gave birth on March 15, but only the third baby survived,” she said. “It’s heartbreaking. This was her first pregnancy and two of her babies died. I’m really concerned that this will leave her feeling stressed and traumatized. She hugged her baby for an hour at the time.”

Although only one of the kittens survived, Kinan is confident about how Bella is doing so far.

She said her cat “stays alongside her” surviving kitten, who appears to be doing fine. Kinan has decided to keep the surviving kitten but has yet to decide on a name. Luckily, Bella will always have one of her babies with her for company.



Seeing Bella’s unwavering maternal bond made TikTok users very emotional, and thousands of people commented on the video to express their support.

The reaction to the video was unlike anything Kinan expected. She didn’t expect it to draw so many viewers and told it so news week that she was “so touched by the comments.”

Among the 8,000 commenters, one person wrote: “This is absolutely devastating. She can’t bear to open her eyes. It’s just so so sad.”

Another person wrote, “Looks like she just needs time to say goodbye,” to which Kinan responded, saying that she “gave time to hug the baby.”



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