Christina Applegate slams Candace Owens for ‘horrifying’ criticism of underwear ad celebrating disability

Christina Applegate slams Candace Owens for ‘horrifying’ criticism of underwear ad celebrating disability

By Poulami Sengupta

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Candace Owens’s “horrifying” comments on Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS clothing line’s ads for underwears featuring a model sitting on a wheelchair elicited angry response from the ‘Dead to Me’ star Christina Applegate. The Primetime Emmy winner, who describes herself as ‘Lady with a cool cane’ recently took to her social media account to castigate the conservative author and talk show host Candace Owens.

The ‘Bad Moms’ star’s scathing comments came following Owens’s criticism of the clothing line that were marketed to people with disability. In the clip from her eponymous ‘Daily Wire’ show, the ‘Blackout’ author said, “I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing. I really don’t get it. I don’t know. And if I’m wrong, again, educate me, today, I just want to be educated in the comments”. She further condemned, “Why did they do this? I don’t know, I don’t know why this needed to be done. I’m getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing. It seems ridiculous.”

Owens even went further to claim, “By the way, I think people in wheelchairs will back me up on this,” before adding, “I think they’re on my side. I think they think this is stupid”. The ad which was also shared by Applegate shows a model sitting on a wheelchair showcasing underwear which are disabilty friendly.

What did Christina Applegate say?

Following Owens’s criticism, the cancer survivor ‘The Big Hit’ star took to her Twitter account to slam the criticism. She first tweeted, “Yes late tweet.But woke to see the most horrifying thing. This Candace person making comments about companies who see we need help. It’s fucking gross. I thank skims and Tommy and Guide beauty and @neowalksticksfor seeing http://us.To you #youshouldknowbetter.” Talking about the difficulties she faces as a disabled artist, she then poured out her anger by saying, “Going to try and sleep but my rage is keeping me awake. Candace Owens, do you know when you have seen pictures of me how f**king hard it was to get my clothes on? A team has to help me!!! So I’m excited for accessibility clothing for me and my community. Hope u wake.”


Following her outburst, she however offered Owens the olive branch as she wrote then, “I thought my last tweet was enough. But then my heart said something else. No rage. If Candace wants to get on the phone with me to be educated on being disabled. I will not come with anger. I will come with love. Because she needs to hear that. I pray for her tonight.sincerely”. Following that, the ‘Hall Pass’ actress thanked SKIMS and said, “Thank you @skims for showing how beautiful the disabled community is And for your adaptive line for those of us with mobility issues. Not sure how you could not appreciate this and think it was an “honest mistake””


Christina Applegate and multiple sclerosis

In 2008, Applegate was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, she was declared cancer-free. But in 2021, she was again diagnosed with another disease – this time it was multiple sclerosis in which, due to damage to the nervous system, communication between the brain and the body is disrupted, resulting in limited movement of the limbs.

On November 8, 2022, the ‘Vacation’ star who has always been hailed for her comic sense, shared, “My humor shield keeps me OK,” before adding, “But of course, down on the insides, you feel the things. I do it to kind of deflect and also make people not scared to be around me.” She also said, “When people see me now as a disabled person, I want them to feel comfortable that we can laugh about it.”

Applegate was awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on November 14, which she accepted by walking down there barefoot. She tweeted during that time, “Barefoot. For some with MS the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance. So today I was me. Barefoot.”

‘It’s so disappointing , ableism is everywhere’
Many Internet users joined Christina in her criticism of Candace Owens. One social media user wrote, “She is a boil on the human race. You just keep doing you and keep fighting. And great job to the companies that are helping everybody to be inclusive”. Another joined saying, “All right-wing people are like this—but Candace Owens is making a very profitable living being cruel Their cruelty is the point and they will be delighted that it’s been effective I don’t know why we put up with these people—they have no trouble getting elected or getting jobs.” “There are people who just aren’t worth one’s time or effort. Candace Owen is very high on that list. #JustSayin,” said the third.

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