TNBD Member Suggestions & Complaints Box


Over the past years, members of our community have often given us great ideas to make TNBD better.  Recently we put up an official “Suggestion Box”, and you didn’t disappoint. We got some new and fun ideas, as well as some suggestions to do things to ourselves that are physically impossible. But I digress.

So we are announcing that we are going to put the TNBD SUGGESTION BOX up in a prominent spot on our site from time to time so that you can come up with more ideas of what you want to see. Or complaints you’d like us to hear.   Do you have an idea for a story, or a type of story? Do you want to see less of something? What would you like to see changed? We want to hear what you like and what you don’t like. Feel free, be creative.

Your opinions are very important to us.

TNBD Member Suggestions & complaints
Any comments or complaints you’d like us to know about?
List them below and click vote.  Your replies are anonymous and will be read ASAP.
Your opinions are always important to us.


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