‘Washed Up Drummer:’ Mötley Crüe Bassist Nikki Sixx Berates Carmine Appice For Gossiping About The Band

‘Washed Up Drummer:’ Mötley Crüe Bassist Nikki Sixx Berates Carmine Appice For Gossiping About The Band


Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx took to Twitter to take aim at famous drummer Carmine Appice for gossiping about the band’s guitarist Mick Mars.

Mick Mars quit touring with the band during a 2022 tour citing his health and physical well being – but in an Ultimate Guitar interview Appice said that medical constraints were not the real reasons why 71-year-old Mars left. Rather, Appice said the band playing along to pre-recorded tracks on stage and other internal disputes put the nail in the coffin for Mars. Sixx was not pleased with the fellow-rockstar’s remarks, and tweeted that Appice was a “washed up drummer,” among other things, Ultimate Classic Rock reported.

Sixx also called Appice a “bottom feeder.”


Appice claimed that he had spoken to Mars, who said he told him that he was “not happy” while taking part in the band’s most recent Stadium Tour that split alternating headlining bills with the band Def Leppard.

“Basically, everything was on tape; it was all planned out and ultimately a lot of crap. … The truth is that everything has been weird for a while with Motley Crue… Mick told me that people that came to see it could tell that it was all pre-recorded and that everything was on tape,” Appice told Ultimate Guitar.

The drummer went on to say that Mars refused to travel alongside the band to the point that he took his own tour bus while the rest of the members shared a plane flying from city to city during their latest American tour.

Appice recalled Mars saying the following:

“He said, ‘Man, these guys are pissing their money away, flying to every gig.’”

“They were all busy still trying to be rock stars, and Mick just wanted to play the music. … [T]here were a lot of disagreements. I think he was just done.” Appice articulated.

Mars’ long-time bandmate Nikki Sixx took offense to the contents of the interview and aired it all out on Twitter:

The bass player assured fans Mars remains in the band that that the Cruë has high hopes to carry on as an original unit moving forward:

Appice is cited as a co-writer for and the drummer on Rod Stewart’s smash hit “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?,” according to 95.7 The Lake.

The drummer was also a founding member of the 60’s psychedelic group “Vanilla Fudge.”


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