‘This is madness’: Bill Maher slams San Francisco’s ‘crazy’ plan to pay each resident $5m in reparations and jokes that liar GOP Congressman George Santos will be first in line

‘This is madness’: Bill Maher slams San Francisco’s ‘crazy’ plan to pay each resident m in reparations and jokes that liar GOP Congressman George Santos will be first in line

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Bill Maher has taken aim at San Francisco’s ‘crazy’ plan to give black residents $5 million in reparations, despite the state not having a history slavery.

The comedian, 67, joked that serial liar George Santos, a Hispanic Congressman, would be first in line for the lucrative deal.

Alongside the massive payout, the proposals could also wipe out personal debt, guarantee $97,000 incomes for 250 years and offer homes for just $1.

During a discussion with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, Maher questioned whether the plan ‘goes too far’.

‘This is madness, is it not?’ he added, arguing that ‘woke craziness’ is fueling the outlandish proposal.


Opening the discussion by noting that giving each qualified resident a $5 million payout would be ‘quite a lot’, Maher repeatedly slammed the proposal as ‘crazy’.

‘And by the way, San Francisco doesn’t have a history of slavery or anything like that, you know,’ he added – alluding to a common criticism of California’s slavery reparations plan due to the fact that it was never a slave-owning state.

‘It would cost every citizen left $600,000 each. This is madness, is it not?’

Panelist Andrew Yang, who ran for the presidency in 2020 on a platform that included offering every American $1000 a month in universal basic income, joked that ‘even I didn’t go this far’.

He added that the plan could be little more than a ‘political statement’ and argued that it may only be proposed by politicians seeking the spotlight.

‘We have a lot of people at various stages of public office who are putting out bills and policies that are more for the messaging and stoking the fires on social media than actually trying to get something passed.’

Later in the show, Maher again touched on the subject while delivering his closing monologue, quipping: ‘The first to comment on this was George Santos, who said “As a black man…”‘

San Francisco is among several Democrat-run cities considering paying reparations to black residents for America’s history of slavery.

To qualify, an individual must have ‘identified as Black/ African American’ on public documents for at least 10 years, and be over 18-years-old.

Many of those who would be in line for the payout argue that they are owed not just because their ancestors were enslaved, but because the subsequent issues with racism and the high levels of African Americans that are incarcerated compared to white Americans.

However, the plans have been sharply criticized by many, including former BLM activist Xaviaer DuRousseau, who told San Francisco’s committee the plan is ‘never actually going to happen’.

‘It is so unrealistic to think that the average family in San Francisco is going to be able to pay $600,000 extra a piece,’ he added.

Following the contentious reparations debate, Maher also hit out at the recent scandal at Stanford University, where woke law students berated Trump-appointed federal Judge Kyle Duncan after he was invited to speak on the campus.

The controversy was initiated by the prestigious university’s inclusivity dean Tirien Steinback, who scolded the judge for his past decisions on same-sex marriage and reproductive rights.

Maher played a clip where Steinbach confronted the judge by asking him ‘is it worth the pain that this causes?’

‘Is it worth the pain? Is free speech “worth the pain?” And is it really painful? Is it really painful? If you don’t like this guy, don’t go to his lecture!’ Maher fired back.

Congresswoman Slotkin, who was notably quiet during the discussion on reparations, argued that Duncan was ‘a little bit of a fragile flower’.

‘I mean, push through, man. Just keep going,’ she added.

But Maher again pushed back, saying it would have been ‘impossible’ for the judge to make a point amid the onslaught.

‘You don’t have a problem if the officer of the university is up there and defends the hecklers and not the speaker?’ he continued.

‘Because that’s what she did. She defended the hecklers, not the speaker.’


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