Internet SHOCKED as teen reveals he’s ‘dating’ 76-yr-old woman, but there’s a twist

Internet SHOCKED as teen reveals he’s ‘dating’ 76-yr-old woman, but there’s a twist

By Varnika Srivastava

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A 76-year-old woman and her 19-year-old “lover” have shocked the Internet with a stunning revelation. Giuseppe D’anna, 19, appeared in a video as a lovely young man proudly displaying gifts from his significantly older girlfriend. However, it has been revealed that the “couple” was a grandmother and her grandson, who gained a large audience worldwide as a result.

Only a few days after Valentine’s Day, D’anna revealed the prank to the news organization JamPress. Most people fell for the hoax because, on paper, the couple seemed to be a perfect match, as reported by The Sun.

When the story first emerged, some readers had expressed concern that Milina Gatta was using the expensive gifts to ‘buy’ D’anna’s love, as per reports. Instagram photos showed the couple cuddling in five-star hotels and posing in upscale shops, leading to the consternation of users worldwide.

‘Money, money, money’

One of the photos was captioned “Saint Valentine.” The images were met with criticism and ridicule. Under one of the pictures, a user commented, “Money, money, money😂 You wouldn’t be advertising this if it was genuine love.”

‘He can get it all’

Another user said, “One day he would grow up and look at this picture and felt he had betrayed his soul.” Someone else wondered, “Can someone explain what’s going on here is this his grandma.” Another wrote, “A young man is not a fool either, not everyone is eternal, a rich woman, he uses her while she’s alive, he can get it all and find a young girl, figure it out.”

‘I think it’s his grandmother’

As Giuseppe D’anna shared another picture, one of the users wrote, “Wow nice picture, grandma and grandson, he does that for the money, that’s not love everyone can play it like that, to become famous, yes it’s not hard to walk hand in hand, or kisses on the cheek, and hug, and kiss on the mouth but not like a real fiery love kiss tongue on tongue.” Another wrote, “How you doing this to get money easy ?From Tik Tok…… You are doing a good job…🙌.” A third said,” I think is his grandmother…and they are just playing.”



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