Chicago missing girl, 21, found dead in shopping cart, family says ‘don’t trust anybody’

Chicago missing girl, 21, found dead in shopping cart, family says ‘don’t trust anybody’

By Meenakshi Sengupta

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Rosa Chacon, 21, was reported missing on January 18, 2023, and she was found dead on March 15 inside a shopping cart, tied up and wrapped in sheets. Rosa’s family has finally spoken out about her disappearance. Her devastated father says he misses his ‘baby’ girl and said, “Normally when our daughter leaves, we hear from her. She calls the next day, she calls an hour after she leaves, she’s in a house, she’s secure, she’s nice and warm. But we didn’t hear anything.”

The victim’s mother, also called Rosa Chacon, said, “I don’t know how they have a heart to do somebody like that,” and added, “She said, ‘I’ll be back mom. I got the Uber ride there and the Uber ride back,’ that’s what she told me,” reports ABC7. The family hired a private investigator after reporting Rosa’s disappearance. In a statement, the Richart Detective Agency said they are “working closely with the family.” However, after two months they said they have located Rosa while Chicago police said she was found dead on the scene in the 2800 block of West 24th Place, at about 10.45 am on March 15, as per Yahoo!.

Who was Rosa Chacon?

Born and raised in Chicago, Rosa “was the party type. She was not trouble,” described Juan Lucio, Rosa’s brother, who also said that his sister was “funny and kind.” “She would never cause harm or nothing. She was a nice person,” he expressed, states Yahoo!. The brother said his sister would have been “found a long time ago if the police would have went out and looked, but they kept telling me and my family that it was not a crime, that she’s fine. If she was fine, she would have called. She would have come home. She comes home. When she goes out, she called my mom or my dad and says she’s fine. If she can’t make it home the same night, she’ll say she’ll be home in the morning.” Alejandro Guzman, the victim’s boyfriend, said, “The cop said a crime had to be committed for them to do anything.” The family said they identified the victim by the tattoos on her body.

Talking about the investigation, Jose L Richart of the Richart Detective Agency told Newsweek, “The family contacted our office for assistance because they recognize that the city of Chicago has many cases like this. We began our investigation and obtained Rosa Chacon’s phone records… We spoke to many individuals and followed numerous leads. On Wednesday, March 15, a body was discovered in the area of 24th Place and Western Ave in Chicago. It is believed that the body was in some sort of laundry cart wrapped in sheets. The body was taken to the Cook County Morgue where it could not be identified for reasons I can not share at this time… At that time Rosa Chacon was identified as Jane Doe,” and further added, “Our detective visited the Cook County Morgue on Thursday, March 16, and submitted identifiers like tattoos Rosa Chacon had… After Identifying Ms. Chacon’s body, we visited the family and gave them the awful news. We believe the case is now a homicide and Chicago Police are working diligently on obtaining results.” Rosa’s cause of death will be determined by the Cook County medical examiner.

‘I want justice for my daughter’

Family and friends of the deceased woman gathered in a vigil on the night of March 17 and announced that the family is offering a $15K reward for more information leading to an arrest and demanded that the FBI gets involved. A day later, the family said the reward now stands at $20K. The mother said, “I want justice for my daughter,” Yahoo! states. Meanwhile, the father said, “Be sure to watch your daughters more closely. Don’t trust anybody.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Area 4 special victims unit detectives, at 312-746-8251.


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