‘This Is Ridiculous’: CNN Crew in San Fran Targeted by Thieves while Doing Story on Rampant Crime


Left: The rental car that was broken into. Right: San Francisco City Hall. (@KyungLahCNN/Twitter, elf0724/Getty Images)


Members of a CNN crew had their bags stolen out of their rental car while on assignment at San Francisco’s city hall for a story about the city’s rampant crime.

“Got robbed. Again,” CNN senior national correspondent Kyung Lah wrote in a tweet on Friday.

While she and CNN producer Jason Kravarik were conducting an interview at city hall, thieves broke into their car and snatched their bags “in under 4 seconds” despite the crew having hired private security to keep watch.

The security was unsuccessful in trying to “grab the crooks” but was able to stop them from stealing other bags and was also able to snap a picture of the getaway car.

“San Francisco is a beautiful city. This is our 3rd day here and I’ve loved my time here. But if you do visit this city, know that even with hired security watching your car, it is not enough,” she wrote, explaining that she was in the city “doing a story about voter discontent” because of “rampant street crime.”

Though the reporter initially expressed concern that she might not be able to fly back to Los Angeles without her ID and passport, both of which were stolen, she later updated that Southwest Airlines was “very used to my lack-of-ID problem” because “so many people get their cars broken into and their bags stolen.” The airline gave Lah her ticket after a brief security check.

The story has a somewhat happy ending, however: Lah ultimately updated that her bag was recovered by someone from the San Francisco Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs. Kravarik’s bag was not recovered.


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