Netflix show for preschoolers pushes gender ideology with ‘non-binary’ character – creator touts episode as ‘a roadmap for coming out’

Netflix show for preschoolers pushes gender ideology with ‘non-binary’ character – creator touts episode as ‘a roadmap for coming out’

A kids’ show on Netflix is pushing gender ideology on 2- to 4-year-olds by featuring a character that comes out as “non-binary.” The show’s creator touted the episode as “a road map for coming out.”

An episode of Netflix’s “Ridley Jones,” a kids’ television show targeted at young children, follows the story of a bison named “Winifred” who hesitates to tell Grandma Dottie, voiced by singer Cyndi Lauper, that it feels “most myself” when referred to by the name “Fred.”

“Grandma doesn’t know I changed. She still thinks I’m her granddaughter instead of her grandFred … I do want to tell her,” Fred tells the show’s main character, Ridley.

Fred then “comes out” to Grandma Dottie and requests to be referred to by the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them.”

“My heart says that the way I feel most myself is to go by the name ‘Fred.’ That’s because I’m non-binary, and Fred is the name that fits me best. And I also use ‘they’ and ‘them,’ because calling me a ‘she’ or a ‘he’ doesn’t feel right to me,” Fred explains.

Grandma Dottie responds to Fred by apologizing for using the “wrong name and pronouns” and thanks Fred for sharing.

A clip from the episode circulated on social media, and viewers slammed Netflix for pushing gender ideology content to young children.

Libs of TikTok tweeted, “An actual kid’s show on Netflix. They’re coming for your kids.”


“If you’re not curating what your kids are watching,” one Twitter user wrote, “you’d better keep your fingers crossed real tight.”

Others on social media called for people to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

The show’s creator, Chris Nee, posted on Twitter that the episode was “a roadmap to coming out.”

“I realize in this day and age dumped means many things. Just zero promotion of the episode. So go watch it. Show your kids. It’s on Netflix. It’s important. It’s a a roadmap for coming out but also for having someone else tell you they’ve changed their pronouns and/or name,” Nee wrote.

In another post on Twitter, Nee revealed that Netflix decided last week not to renew “Ridley Jones” for a sixth season. Nee slammed the streaming service for canceling the “first preschool show” with a non-binary character.

“Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out. Ridley Jones 5 episode Happy Herd Day Fred tells their Grandma played by #CyndiLauper that they’ve changed their name and pronouns. Watch it. Tweet about it,” Nee posted.

Netflix did not reply to a request for comment, Fox News Digital reported.

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