Do liberal activists hear how crazy they sound?

Do liberal activists hear how crazy they sound?

Posted For: Layla Godey

by Zachary Faria

Liberal activists are getting progressively crazier in political fights that they are losing. You have to wonder if they realize some of the things they are now saying.

Take Everytown for Gun Safety, one of the gun control groups backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg. On Tuesday, Everytown tweeted: “Glock is the top manufacturer of crime guns recovered in Nashville and nationwide. To stop gun crime, we need to #NameTheGun and shine a light on gun makers who do nothing to secure their supply chains or acknowledge their role in our gun violence crisis.”


Yes, they attacked Glock, the Austrian firearms manufacturer that tops the chart in sales in the United States, for manufacturing “crime guns.” Seemingly, all we must do to stop gun violence is force Glock to stop making “crime guns” and only make “non-crime guns.” It’s all so simple.

Everytown’s tweet also attacked Glock for doing “nothing to secure their supply chains,” as if Glock is supposed to police its guns after they are sold to ensure they don’t fall into the hands of criminals. Add this to Everytown labeling gang shootings as “disputes” and “arguments” that only become violent because of guns, and you have a pattern of denying reality in service of the perpetually losing gun control position.

Not to be outdone, transgender activists have become louder and equally as delusional as Republican legislatures push back on their excesses. In Florida, a group called Equality Florida took to the state Capitol to accuse Republicans of “erasing trans babies.” Depending on the transgender activists (or, unfortunately, the medical professionals) you ask, children can be transgender as young as 4 years old. “Trans babies” would suggest that even infants can be transgender.


Not quite as far as Boston Children’s Hospital claiming children can know they are transgender “as early as from the womb,” but it’s close.

These activists, whether they be advocating gun confiscations or children to be transgender, are as loud as they are out of touch. They expect their establishment media allies to pick up their narratives and sanitize them to spread to the public, but they are seemingly unaware that everyone can see them, too. Yelling about “trans babies” or claiming that a popular firearm manufacturer is making “crime guns” is crazy, but they do not get real media scrutiny, so they are unaware of just how delusional they sound.

This problem becomes worse as these groups become more frantic. Gun grabbers such as Everytown have been losing the gun control debate for years. Transgender activists made such quick gains that they would never be able to hold their positions, and now they are pushing further while GOP legislatures finally start rolling back their “progress.” As a result, these left-wing activists only become crazier, exposing their real radical views to the public.

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