Coors Light Is Introducing Beer-Flavored ‘Coors-icles’

Coors Light Is Introducing Beer-Flavored ‘Coors-icles’

Dylan Pavlik

Brands are increasingly capitalizing on March Madness — Jack Links and DiGiorno come to mind — but now Coors Light is entering the chat with their own spin on keeping cool during heated games. The beer giant is introducing Coors-icles, a non-alcohol beer-flavored push popsicle available now through April 3.

While the Coors-icles will be available through the Coors Light website, over 800 participating bars will also be stocked around the country with frozen treats for fired-up fans. Legendary sportscaster, Dick Vitale, will be the face of Coors-icles, as commercials will be airing throughout March Madness to promote their newest innovations. His impassioned, hot-headed sports broadcasting career seems to make him the perfect candidate.

Even if they’re non-alcoholic, the mere thoughts of an icy Coors Light popsicle lowers my blood pressure tremendously.

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