A Couple Of Kids Get Absolutely Floored By A Bull While Chasing It

A Couple Of Kids Get Absolutely Floored By A Bull While Chasing It


Holy cow! Or bull, whatever.

The Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo, also known as the “Granddaddy of ‘Em All,” has been a staple of Central Florida for 95 years, and 2023 was yet another successful year.

One of the events during the Arcadia Rodeo is a bunch of kids (and we’re talking a ton of them — there were around 100 this year) chasing three young bulls in training, with the object being to catch the bulls.

Sounds fun, right?

Unless you’re these two children who got absolutely floored by one of the bulls:

Okay, I have a few thoughts about this whole thing.

First, I’m disappointed that I had no idea this was going on. I live in Florida, so I could have easily taken my kids down there for a day of fun. No way I would’ve had them in this bull-chasing event, but it would’ve been fun to watch those two kids get steamrolled by a bull — we could have enjoyed that sight as a family.

Next, you know those bulls were absolutely terrified. It kind of made me feel bad. Put yourself in their shoes, or hooves, and just imagine how terrified you would be if 100 kids were chasing you, and you’re fenced in at that. There’s no escape.

Oh, man. It sounds like our society during summer break.

And, Lord have mercy, I can hear PETA now. Just wait: I guarantee the rodeo will get some kind of complaint from them now that this video has gone viral. Personally, I find it more entertaining than anything, so I’m all for it.

Man, I love my state. Some of the most amazing things happen here.


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