Biden accuses people who oppose mutilating children of being ‘close to sinful’

Biden accuses people who oppose mutilating children of being ‘close to sinful’

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by Zachary Faria

President Joe Biden, the man who promised to be our great unity president, is now claiming that it is “close to sinful” to prevent doctors from permanently mutilating children.

Biden, who has succumbed to the radical gender ideology being pushed by transgender activists, lashed out at Florida once again, this time because the state wants to protect gender-confused, mentally-distressed children from permanent surgeries and chemical treatments that activists call “gender-affirming care.”

“What’s going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful,” Biden said. He concluded, “It just, to me, is, I dunno, it’s cruel.”

What is sinful, exactly? Is it lying to children that puberty blockers are easily reversible and, therefore, they should begin taking them as soon as possible before they are “poisoned” by puberty? Is it promoting surgeries and hormone treatments to children, even though these procedures can lead to the early onset of cancer, tumors, and strokes?

Is it sinful to support social media advertising targeting self-conscious teenage girls with body image problems (made worse by social media) for breast removal surgeries?

What about doctors telling parents that their 4-year-old children will kill themselves if they don’t begin the transition process immediately, even though the evidence shows that the transgender suicide rate does not decline for post-transition people?

At best, that is wildly reckless. But it could also be described as “close to sinful.”

But no, Biden thinks all of those things are good and necessary. In fact, it is “close to sinful” not to promote those things actively, the irreversible medical treatments and the fearmongering and the social media advertising to children. There is not a single red flag or hesitation in putting minors on an irreversible path at an age they can’t even get tattoos, even though Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom have all begun backpedaling on this very subject.

Biden is taking a holier-than-thou posture on a matter he knows nothing about because that is what activists and aides have told him to do. But the only ones promoting cruelties toward children dealing with gender dysphoria are Biden and his ilk. They are ruining children’s lives before they even begin with irreversible medical treatments to which they are unable to comprehend truly or consent.

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