Texas man sues 3 women for wrongful death, says they helped ex-wife in terminating pregnancy

Texas man sues 3 women for wrongful death, says they helped ex-wife in terminating pregnancy

By Juna Tharakan

GALVESTON COUNTY, TEXAS: A Texas man sued three women for wrongful death claiming they provided help to his now-ex-wife in obtaining medication for her abortion. The case comes following the US Supreme Court’s state-enforced bans implemented since the overturned Roe v Wade decision.

Marcus Silva filed a lawsuit on Thursday in Galveston County, Texas. He accused the women of aiding a murder as they assisted his ex-wife’s self-administered abortion and in the lawsuit he has sought $1 million in damages, reported CBS News.

Is Silva’s ex-wife named in the lawsuit?
Weeks after the constitutional right to abortion since 1973 was struck down by the Supreme Court, Silva’s ex-wife took her medication in July. However, she is not named in Silva’s lawsuit as women who get an abortion are protected from being held liable by Texas law.

Condemning Silva’s move to sue the women, abortion rights groups have called the lawsuit an intimidation tactic. In a statement by Autumn Katz, a lawyer with the Center for Reproductive Rights stated on Friday that “This is an outrageous attempt to scare people from getting abortion care and intimidate those who support their friends, family, and community in their time of need,” and added, “The extremists behind this lawsuit are twisting the law and judicial system to threaten and harass people seeking essential care and those who help them.”

Silva’s lawsuit claims text exchange between the women on  aiding the abortion

Jonathan Mitchell, who was among the ones who helped in creating the abortion bans in Texas is representing Silva in his case. a Houston-area Republican, state Representative Briscoe Cain, attorneys from conservative legal group Thomas More Society along with the former Texas solicitor general were part of creating the ban, according to CBS News.

In a statement issued by the attorneys, Cain stated, “Anyone involved in distributing or manufacturing abortion pills will be sued into oblivion.” Apart from the three women, the pill’s manufacturer will also be named as a defendant in the lawsuit after it is identified in the investigation. The litigation has also claimed that text messages sent among the women showed their discussion on how to induce an abortion and how to obtain medication for the process. They have also discussed how to help the pregnant woman take the medication.



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